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Ontario selects McKesson to analyze surgical services

TORONTO – As part of a major initiative designed to provide better access to care and reduce wait times for surgical services in Ontario, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care will implement McKesson’s OR Benchmarks Collaborative.

The Collaborative is a Web-based subscription service designed to help healthcare organizations monitor, assess and improve performance in the operating room.

The Ministry’s initiative, called the Surgical Targets Program, will provide Ontario hospitals with a surgery-specific business intelligence infrastructure for day-to-day management reporting. The initiative will also provide data to better diagnose root causes of delays and identify opportunities for improvement.

The Ministry’s ultimate goal is to establish the best possible use of human, financial and capital resources, and then to monitor and manage those resources more effectively.

Plans call for 80 hospitals and 14 Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) in the province of Ontario to submit surgery key performance indicators (KPIs) to the OR Benchmarks Collaborative service. The transmitted data will be analyzed to support Ontario’s Wait Time Strategy, a government plan to increase access and reduce wait times for five major health services: cancer surgery, cardiac procedures, cataract surgery, hip and knee replacements, as well as MRI and CT exams.

In addition, McKesson’s surgical consulting experts will assist Ministry advisors by conducting a provincial perioperative productivity review in Ontario hospital operating rooms. The review will be used to develop common methodology for comparing and reviewing surgical services with the ultimate goal of standardizing perioperative processes throughout the province. McKesson’s consulting experts also will help Ontario healthcare facilities to assess and better understand their results and support changes necessary to improve efficiency.

“Our primary objective is to reduce lag time between the decision point of surgery and the actual surgery date,” said Hugh MacLeod, assistant deputy minister of the Health System Accountability and Performance Division. “The partnership with McKesson will allow us to take a best-practices approach to our perioperative services. The detailed data analysis will enable daily OR decision makers to determine where performance challenges exist and help them monitor progress toward efficiency targets.

“In addition, we are offering expert assistance where warranted to aid in process improvement and change management to achieve sustainable results.”

McKesson’s OR Benchmarks Collaborative is the industry’s first automated national benchmarking service. In less than six months, the Collaborative has signed 130 subscribers across Canada and the United States. The service offers an interactive dashboard that provides monthly trended data on five KPIs, including start-time accuracy for first case of the day and subsequent cases, estimated case-duration accuracy, prime-time utilization, and day of surgery add-on cases. McKesson offers the service through a partnership with OR Manager, Inc., the recognized leader of perioperative management information in North America.

“McKesson’s primary focus in this project is to assist hospitals, healthcare corporations and regional health authorities in identifying opportunities to deliver health services with optimal quality and efficiency,” said Duncan James, group president of Business Performance Solutions, McKesson Provider Technologies. “A central thread to this program will be better capacity management of limited resources to increase patient throughput in the operating room.”

Claudio Bussandri president and chief executive officer, McKesson Canada, added: “We are excited by the opportunity to partner with the Ministry in its effort to improve access to healthcare for the people of Ontario. We applaud the Ministry for taking a bold and decisive step to achieve faster time to treatment and increased customer satisfaction while reducing costs and improving program efficiency.”

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