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Nursing IT

Ottawa announces $8.1 million for NurseOne portal

OTTAWA – Federal Health Minister Tony Clement (pictured) has announced funding of $8.1 million over six years to launch and maintain the NurseOne web portal, a tool of particular importance for the recruitment and retention of nurses in First Nations and Inuit communities. Minister Clement made this announcement following a meeting with the Board of Directors of the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA), in Ottawa.

NurseOne ( is a bilingual portal that has been in development by the CNA since 2002 and contains a wealth of health information for the Canadian public and for all nurses across Canada. This Portal allows nurses to obtain timely, easily accessible information on all aspects of health care – from public health alerts, to consultations with experts and health specialists, to best practices. In short, it gives nurses many new tools to better treat their patients and improve their professional skills.

“NurseOne will certainly empower nurses everywhere in Canada, but particularly those working in rural, isolated and First Nations and Inuit communities. This portal will provide nurses with quick access to reliable resources, enable them to improve quality of care and will assist in reducing wait-times,” Minister Clement stated. “This investment will serve as an important contributor to the advancement of the professional practice and development of Canada’s front line health providers – our nurses,” he added.

“NurseOne is a significant tool which will provide access to quality, up-to-date health information to support the 250,000 plus nurses working in urban, rural and remote parts of the country to deliver effective, evidence-based care,” said Marlene Smadu, President of the Canadian Nurses Association. “This investment supports nurses in caring for their patients, families and communities, managing their careers and connecting with colleagues and experts with the click of a mouse. In addition, NurseOne supports employers in recruiting and retaining nurses.”

Health Canada had previously contributed $3.98 million to the Canadian Nurses Association to develop the portal, which was introduced at the Canadian Nurses Association Biennial Convention in Saskatoon on June 19, 2006.