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Canadian Society of Telehealth now producing podcasts

The Canadian Society of Telehealth announced that it has introduced weekly podcasts. The first of these was posted to the CST web site in mid-August.

To date the content of these podcasts has included news and reminders to Society members, news of Infoway activities plus other items of interest gleaned from various sources. As the podcast develops, the CST intends to include interviews with telehealth community leaders and other sound bites of interest.

The podcasts may be accessed directly on the CST home page at under the left hand column, click on the link to the latest episode. Or, to subscribe to the RSS feed and obtain downloads of the MP3 files listeners should insert the link into their MP3 player or RSS reader.

Listeners are encouraged to provide feedback. Members of the CST may do so by logging on to the member only section of the web site and using the Podcast forum to post comments.

Non-members of the Society may contact the podcast producer, Dr Trevor Cradduck (pictured above), via Organizations wishing to have an announcement made concerning an upcoming event should contact Dr Cradduck via e-mail, and it might be possible to include short voice announcements by sending them as MP3 file attachments.

Podcasts are being adopted by many organizations to reach a wider audience. The Canadian Telehealth Podcast is usually between 20 and 30 minutes long and should be convenient for telehealth personnel to listen to as they commute to or from work.

For further information please contact