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Electronic medical records

Mauricie and Centre-du-Quebec selects MediSolution

MONTREAL – MediSolution Ltd. has announced that the Agence de la sante et des services sociaux de la Mauricie et du Centre-du-Quebec has signed a contract to implement its clinical information management solution in the region’s health and social services centers.

The solution will create electronic health records and will provide a full clinical profile for each user including test results, such as laboratory and medical imaging and medication and clinic visit history.

The clinical file will be linked to the health and social service centre’s central index system, which has been implemented by the Department of Health and Social Services throughout the province of Quebec. Access to information will be subject to the rules and regulations governing patient consent.

The $1.5 million contract will be implemented over the next 24 months.

“The success of the two year pilot project in two healthcare clinics confirms our decision to implement the solution in other healthcare centres across the region,” said Mrs. Michele Laroche, President and CEO of the Agence de la sante et des services sociaux de la Mauricie et du Centre-du-Quebec. “This system provides a continuum for quality patient care and facilitates communication and coordination across a variety of health and social services centers, family medicine groups and private clinics. The solution will result in an overall improvement in health and social services for our patients.”

“We are pleased that the Mauricie and Centre-du-Quebec region has selected our solution, which will facilitate the planning and management of multidisciplinary interventions and reduce long waiting periods,” said Paul Lepage, president and chief operating officer at MediSolution. “The specialized expertise we have gained during electronic health record mandates with healthcare establishments and the Government, combined with our ability to provide new innovative methods of service delivery, provides us with a unique clinical information management solution for healthcare establishments across Canada.”

About MediSolution
MediSolution, a Brookfield Asset Management company, is a leading healthcare and public sector information technology company, providing software, solutions and services to customers across North America. More than 500 hospitals and other healthcare facilities and close to 200 public sector and related organizations rely on MediSolution’s systems to maximize their operational efficiencies, lower their costs, and improve the delivery of services. MediSolution has two operating segments. The Resource Management Systems segment is comprised of Financial Management software such as accounts receivable, budgeting and materials management, as well as Human Capital Management tools including human resource management, staff scheduling and payroll processing. The Healthcare Information Systems segment is comprised of clinical solutions such as patient tracking, electronic patient health records, pharmacy, radiology and laboratory software for healthcare organizations.