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St. Mary’s to develop regional cardiac database

KITCHENER, Ont. – St. Mary’s General Hospital’s Regional Cardiac Care Centre (RCCC) has selected Summit Healthcare, of Franklin, Mass., to develop its Regional Cardiac Database.

The RCCC, which opened in 2001, provides a full range of adult cardiovascular surgery services (bypass surgery, off pump bypass surgery, beating heart surgery; valve repair and replacement; aneurysm repair; and, repair of congenital anomalies), angioplasty procedures, pacemaker insertions, cardiac diagnostic procedures, heart function and pacemaker clinics, inpatient cardiology, and cardiac rehabilitation.

“We are excited to be working with Summit Healthcare,” said Ryan Graham (pictured), manager for the Regional Cardiac Database project. “Summit proposed a product that would enhance the continuum of care in the cardiac program by integrating existing databases.”

The Regional Cardiac Database will integrate several databases currently used by the RCCC, including: the Hospital Information System (HIS); Medical Surgical Management (MSM) database; Cath Lab systems; Perfusion and Anesthesia databases, and; other cardiac systems.

In addition to collecting and storing information the database will be developed as a primary benchmarking tool for tracking quality indicators and program efficiencies. It is expected to enhance workflow by automating the coordination of services, and assisting with electronic documentation, which will reduce clinicians’ workload while improving data quality and integrity.

“An integrated database will help caregivers make faster and more informed decisions,” says Don Shilton, Assistant Vice President of the Cardiac Program at St. Mary’s. “This will improve the first-class care that St. Mary’s cardiac program is known for.”

In addition to developing the database, Summit will also construct a Regional Cardiac Database Portal. Reports and forms will be published on this secured web-based portal, which can be launched from the hospital intranet, HIS, and remotely via the Internet.

Graham explained that a phased approach to integrate the database will be taken due to the size and complexity of the project. “The initial phase will focus on developing the portal and integrating the HIS and medical surgical management. Subsequent phases will include the remaining data systems used by the RCCC and development of electronic forms for documentation.”