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Cancer Care Ontario chooses Initiate EMPI

TORONTO – Initiate Systems, Inc., of Chicago, a developer of enterprise master person index (EMPI) solutions for the healthcare industry, announced that Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) has selected and begun deployment of Initiate Identity Hub software to support the province’s strategy to reduce wait times for key medical procedures, including cancer surgery.

The scalability, accuracy and flexibility of Initiate software supports electronic health record (EHR), data integration and linking, security and privacy requirements, and other strategic initiatives of the province to transform its health system.

According to the company, the implementation continues Initiate’s success in Canada, where the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Saskatchewan have also selected Initiate to support Canada Health Infoway’s mission to develop electronic health information systems throughout the country.

In the development of national and regional health information systems and EHRs, the scalability and accuracy of Initiate’s software uniquely supports privacy concerns and other technology demands, including objectives related to monitoring outcomes and treatments, early detection of adverse events, the improvement of health surveillance and addressing the threats of SARS and pandemics.

“Initiate’s experience developing integrated electronic health information systems in Canada will be of great value as we work together to create an electronic wait time management system in Ontario,” said Terry Sullivan, chief executive officer of Cancer Care Ontario. “The wait time information system is a critical part of Ontario’s drive to reduce wait times and an essential element of an electronic health record. This wait time information system will enable healthcare providers to track and report on the most timely and accurate information about wait times with a goal of providing patients with better access to care.”

CCO has gone live with the software at six hospitals, supporting approximately 6.5 million residents, and in conjunction with the rollout of the wait time information system that will track and report on wait times for key health procedures. By year-end, it is expected that CCO will have more than 50 hospitals live with the software. As part of its data integration process, CCO will be using Initiate HL7 Query Adapter, which allows disparate systems to leverage Initiate’s EMPI software through the industry-standard messaging protocol Health Level 7 (HL7).

“Initiate is proud of its partnership with Canada Health Infoway in deploying Canada’s nationwide client registry that instantly and accurately links data about patients, providers and healthcare facilities across all delivery points,” said Bill Conroy, president and CEO of Initiate Systems. “Ontario is the latest in a long line of successful provincial deployments. The accuracy, scalability and ease-of-deployment of our software provide the foundation needed for large-scale regional and national interoperability healthcare initiatives around the world.”

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About Cancer Care Ontario
Cancer Care Ontario is an umbrella organization that steers and coordinates Ontario’s cancer services and prevention efforts. As the provincial government’s chief cancer advisor, Cancer Care Ontario directs over $500-million in public healthcare funding for cancer prevention, detection and care. The agency also operates screening, prevention and research programs; collects, monitors and reports information about cancer and cancer system performance; develops evidence-based standards and guidelines for healthcare providers; and works with regional providers to plan and improve cancer services.

About Canada Health Infoway
Infoway is an independent not-for-profit organization that invests with public sector partners across Canada to implement and reuse compatible health information systems which support a safer, more efficient healthcare system. These systems provide healthcare professionals with rapid access to complete and accurate patient information, enabling better decisions about treatment and diagnosis. The result is a sustainable, healthcare system offering improved quality, accessibility and productivity.

About Initiate Identity Hub( Software
According to the company, Initiate Identity Hub software is the most accurate, scalable, rapidly implemented and widely deployed customer data integration and enterprise master person index solution. Organizations using Initiate Identity Hub solutions create complete, real-time views of data from all applications and data sources to more effectively manage, control, analyze and integrate customer, patient or constituent information and relationships while protecting data privacy. The software combines the ability to handle hundreds of millions of records in sub-second response times with unsurpassed matching and linking technology that identifies and resolves information routinely, even when there is duplicate, fragmented or incomplete data. Unlike alternatives, which take months or years to implement, require extensive business rules and impose intrusive changes on current systems and business processes, Initiate software is deployed in weeks, does not require business rules for data accuracy, and works within an organization’s current environment without disrupting systems or processes.