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Performance monitoring

Med2020, AdapCS collaborate on performance solutions

KINGSTON and OTTAWA – Med2020, a leading Canadian supplier of healthcare information management systems, and AdapCS Canada Inc., a Kingston-based healthcare informatics company, have announced a strategic alliance that enables Canadian hospitals to do a better job of analyzing, comparing and reporting on their performance.

The alliance, which integrates AdapCS Canada’s Inform.Rx data analysis tool with Med2020’s WinRecs data reporting system, gives healthcare organizations the ability to track and compare their performance in a timely manner.

It allows hospitals to benchmark their performance in a broad range of areas against those of comparative institutions, and it enables them to set meaningful targets for improvements based on a rich source of benchmarking data. Currently, more than 50 percent of Canadian hospitals use Med2020’s WinRecs system, which collects reports and maintains patient record data.

“The ability to monitor, analyze and ultimately improve hospital performance in real time is of increasing importance in the healthcare environment,” says Dr. John Marshall, CEO of AdapCS Canada Inc. “This accountability tool gives healthcare institutions a rapid, streamlined means to establish, examine and improve their standards of performance over time, and across local, regional, provincial or national sectors.

“Med2020 is the major Canadian player in health information management systems and has the most complete health information management solution, and we’re delighted to be partnering with them,” added Dr. Marshall. “They offer a unique opportunity to supply a broad base for benchmarking and an ability to view data on a regional basis for mapping market share.”

“We are particularly excited about this venture with AdapCS,” says Yanick Gaudet, Director of Sales and Marketing for Med2020. “The analytical, mapping and reporting capabilities of Inform.Rx enables us to add value to the information systems currently being used by our client hospitals. Healthcare institutions should notice immediate improvement in their ability to analyze their performance in a timely manner, and to provide benchmark data on which to compare performance and target improvements.”

About Med2020
MED2020 has been the main choice of Canadian facilities for their Health Information Management system needs for more than 15 years. Holding more than 50 percent of the market share, MED2020 has installed their applications in close to 400 facilities across Canada. In October of 2003, MED2020 became the first vendor of Health Information Management software for Canadian facilities to be ISO 9001:2000 registered.

About ADAPCS Canada
AdapCS Canada was founded in 2003 by Dr. John Marshall, John Lott of Kingston, Ontario and AdapCS, Inc. of Marina, California. The company offers information technologies and services for the Canadian healthcare market that focus specifically on clinical and financial outcomes, accountability, and access to care.