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Grand River Hospital opts for Quovadx integration engine

KITCHENER, Ont. – Grand River Hospital, a comprehensive community hospital serving the Kitchener-Waterloo area, announced that it has chosen Quovadx Clinical Interoperability solutions to assist in the implementation of the hospital’s conformance to the provincially mandated Wait Time Information System (WTIS).

In choosing the Quovadx solution, Grand River Hospital has implemented a system that not only meets the province’s data submission requirements, but also deploys a surgical e-form, allowing for automated and remote operating room bookings in concert with the hospital’s record requirements.

Quovadx, using the Cloverleaf Integration Suite and its Business Process Monitoring System module (BPMS), has created a Web-based system within Grand River Hospital’s existing physician portal to allow for automated operating room bookings from individual physician offices.

The new Web-based system gives physicians and their office personnel the ability to place operating room requests and enables the hospital system to feed the WTIS process automatically.

Remote requests are automatically fed through Grand River Hospital’s information system and allow the facility to monitor transactions for the presence of a medical record number. By allowing physicians remote access to the hospital information and WITS systems, and automating the creation of appropriate tracking mechanisms, staff workload and inconsistencies between records can be minimized.

In addition, Quovadx implemented a process within Grand River’s existing hospital information system that recognizes when a medical record number does not exist within the operating room booking request. This was done because medical record numbers are integral to accurately tracking patient records and are managed through the hospital registrar.

In the event that a medical record number does not exist, the booking request is held while the hospital registrar generates a new patient record and corresponding medical record number. Once created, the new medical record number is affixed to the original operating room booking request. The BPMS utilizes patented workflow processing that then allows for the completion of the operating room booking request within the Hospital’s information system and transmission of that information in compliance with WTIS requirements.

“Through the use of Quovadx solutions and the McKesson integration module we currently use, we were able to significantly improve process workflows and data management capabilities,” said Glen Kearns, chief information officer, Grand River Hospital.

“With the Cloverleaf solution and new automated operating room booking procedures, we will be able to ensure accurate and timely procedures for our patients,” said Kearns. “We’ll also ease the administrative burden on our physicians and personnel while ensuring compliance with WTIS requirements.”

The WTIS was created in order to track and reduce the time lapse between when a patient consults with a specialist and decides to move ahead with a procedure and when that procedure is scheduled to take place.

Procedures monitored by the WTIS include cancer surgery, cardiac bypass surgery, hip and knee replacement, cataracts, and MRI and CT scans. WTIS information is tracked in real-time and publicly reported by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

At Grand River Hospital, the WTIS system is supported by McKesson integration module, the Cloverleaf Integration Suite and the BPMS module from Quovadx.

“Leading hospitals and health systems such as Grand River Hospital and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care continue to strive to ensure accurate and timely service to both physicians and their patients,” said Mike Epplen, vice president, product management, Integration Solutions division, Quovadx.

“We are proud to lend our expertise in integrating healthcare applications and processes to facilitate the creation of this system,” added Epplen. “Our solutions will support Grand River in meeting the needs of its physicians and patients.”

The system will be fully implemented with a total of 30 physician offices serving the Grand River facility.

About Grand River Hospital
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About Cloverleaf Integration Suite
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