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Electronic medical records

University of Calgary chooses EMIS for Dept. of Medicine

EMIS Canada, a provider of physician-practice software, announced that it has won a four-year, $2-million contract to supply the University of Calgary’s Department of Medicine with its Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system.

EMIS Canada, which has set up shop in Edmonton, is a subsidiary of a British parent company. Leeds-based EMIS claims that 55 percent of physicians in the U.K. use its software.

EMIS’ Patient Care System (PCS) will be implemented in 10 specialist divisions in the University of Calgary’s Department of Medicine.

The system will provide the Department of Medicine with secure access to critical patient medical information, including family physician referrals, acute care hospital discharge summaries, operative and pathology reports, and laboratory data.

“The EMIS EMR system allows us to take advantage of existing and developing networks between the University of Calgary and the Calgary Health Region,” said Dr. Steve Edworthy, President of the Medical Doctors’ Electronic Record Association of Southern Alberta (MDERA), which was formed to represent the associated doctors in relation to the deployment of the EMIS system. (Dr Edworthy is pictured above, at left, with Peter Anderson of EMIS on the right.)

“The software not only meets the workflow requirements of our clinicians, but it also scales to work across a group of multi-discipline users,” said Dr. Edworthy. “It allows our members to perform more effectively as physicians, educators, and researchers in the outpatient and community settings.”

EMIS’ experience and capabilities in system design, implementation, and business services played a role in securing the agreement as did EMIS’ strategic direction, which aligned well to that of the Calgary Health Region and the University.

“This EMIS system is ideally suited for the Department of Medicine because it allows data to be securely shared between multiple clinical settings,” said Peter Anderson, CEO, EMIS Canada.

“As a leading supplier of EMR systems with nearly 20 years of experience, EMIS has an in-depth understanding of complex health systems,” said Anderson. “Our experience with projects like the UK NHS Connecting for Health program made the University of Calgary confident that we have the expertise to develop and effectively deliver their EMR system.”

Initially over 400 users at the University of Calgary’s Department of Medicine will use EMIS PCS in specialist outpatient clinics for Endocrinology and Metabolism, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, General Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, Hematology, Infectious Diseases, Nephrology, Respiratory and Rheumatology.

About EMIS Canada
EMIS Canada is the Canadian operation of EMIS, the UK’s leading IT supplier in primary healthcare, hosting over 33 million electronic medical records within its systems. For more information please go to