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Long-term care

Project connects Windsor hospital with Huron Lodge

Windsor – Hôtel-Dieu Grace Hospital (HDGH) and Huron Lodge Long Term Care Home (HLLTC) have launched a state-of-the-art pilot project enabling both the hospital and the HLLTC to have access to real-time information about each resident when needed.

Using SolCom, the electronic health records system currently in place for all patients at HDGH, the hospital creates a special virtual “SolCom Workbasket” for the residents of Huron Lodge.

This includes health records for all residents, both historical and current. The application means that as patients are transferred from one facility to the other, medical information can also be transferred more easily than before. This technology increases efficiency and enhances the quality and timeliness of care for patients.

In practical terms, should Huron Lodge residents be transferred to the ER, Out-Patient Department or admitted to the hospital, physicians and nurses have immediate access to patient information.

Similarly, nurses and social workers at Huron Lodge will also have access to a patient’s information, should the patient be discharged from HDGH.

All laboratory tests, diagnostics, ECGs and doctor’s notes are included in the Workbasket, as information is instantly updated at both HDGH and Huron Lodge.

Speaking on the importance of this project, Lynda Monik, Director of In-Patient Units and project founder says, “HDGH and its partners, including Huron Lodge, used to manage health records through written files and photocopied information, which was very labour intensive. To ensure continuity of care and the timely transfer of information from one caregiver to another, we looked towards new technology and SolCom for the solution.”

Susan Rogers, Assistant Director of Care for Huron Lodge is pleased that this initiative is off the ground. She says, “It will assist staff at Huron Lodge in preparing the resident’s plan of care for their return home.”

Dr. J.R. Greenaway, Medical Director of Huron Lodge, is proud to be on the ground with this innovative initiative. “This program is the first of its kind in Southwestern Ontario and promises better patient care for Huron Lodge residents. It will permit a dialogue between the Huron Lodge and hospital staff to review lab and diagnostic imaging results even before the patient returns to the long term care home.”

According to Stacy Adam, HDGH Health Records System Data Analyst, “This program will allow doctors and nurses to look at an entire HDGH patient history, enabling them to analyze trends in their health, thus providing for better overall treatment.”

As part of the implementation of this pilot project, Adam will spearhead training of nurses and social workers on site at Huron Lodge. “All nurses get a password and unique user ID to ensure patient confidentiality, allowing nurses to download resident health information in real time.”