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IDC Xaminer in production, commences shipping

CALGARY – Imaging Dynamics Co., a leader in the high growth Digital Radiography (DR) equipment market, announced in mid-June that it has begun shipping its new Xaminer DR series and is in full production. Despite an initial delay in finalizing production, based on demand for the Xaminer, management expects to achieve its volume targets for the second quarter.

In addition to the Xaminer DR technology, which is aimed at price-sensitive markets, IDC also produces the Xplorer line of direct radiology systems, which are said to produce very high image quality at relatively low prices. Fueled by sales of the Xplorer systems worldwide, IDC scored a ranking as the fifth fastest growing business in Canada, as measured by the Profit Magazine Fastest Growing 100.

Sales surged to nearly $29 million in 2005 from $283,000 in 2000, when the company was in start-up mode. With the addition of the Xaminer line, company president and CEO Darryl Stein (pictured) expects an additional rapid expansion, as the company makes its way into new imaging markets.

“The Xaminer series sets a new price-to-performance standard for digital X-ray,” said Stein. “The low price point of the Xaminer has opened up new markets for IDC, both geographically and vertically. We recently announced an agreement for 200 Xaminer units in China. In the United States, we have successfully opened up the chiropractic and veterinary markets with our OEM partner, Summit Industries.”

In 2005, Summit selected IDC as their digital technology partner. Summit Industries is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of diagnostic equipment for veterinary radiography, with a worldwide installed base of over 10,000 customers. Summit Industries customers perform nearly 50 million X-ray procedures per year.

“We were thrilled to see that our first Xaminer system easily met and in some cases exceeded published performance specifications,” said Jim K. Walsh, Chairman and CEO of Summit Industries. “We are looking forward to aggressively marketing this product and fully expect to significantly surpass last year’s sales volume.”

IDC’s Xaminer product series of CCD Digital X-Ray detectors and software were developed for the cost sensitive market segments and was adapted from imaging technology introduced in IDC’s Xplorer series. According to the company, the Xaminer provides the lowest priced, high-resolution systems and image detectors on the market, with a range of specifications and prices.

Xaminer allows practitioners to replace their film based X-ray imaging without a large capital investment, and then reap the cost and throughput benefits of digital throughput. The Xaminer enables high patient throughput of DR with competitive image quality and dose efficiency, at a very low price point.

About IDC:
IDC ( is an emerging world leader in providing affordable Digital Radiography (DR) systems. IDC Xplorer Direct Capture technology replaces conventional film based X-ray and provides a cost effective alternative to inefficient cassette based Computed Radiography (CR) systems.