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Chronic diseases

Atlantic Health Sciences employs IT solution for diabetes

SAINT JOHN, N.B. – An IT-based solution for empowering patients with chronic diseases to manage their illness from home, workplace or while traveling is in the process of development by Atlantic Health Sciences Corporation (AHSC) and AnyWare Group (AWG), a provider of customer-driven access solutions.

Chronic disease management, using AWG’s Role Oriented Access Management (ROAM), enables patients to securely access select medical files and disease education resources via an Internet connection to update their health status, while core hospital teams analyze this information.

Dr. John Dornan, an endocrinologist specializing in diabetes, believes this approach to healthcare will help maintain the independence and health of patients through prevention and management of chronic conditions.

“A patient’s ability to accommodate lifestyle changes and access resources are factors that influence successful management of an ongoing illness,” said Dr. Dornan. “This disease management system provides a unique initiative to save patients valuable time by allowing them to become educated and monitor their disease at their convenience.”

Newly diagnosed diabetes patients will be able to access the disease management system anytime, anywhere and enter crucial details, such as their blood sugar levels, blood pressure and heart rate to their medical files, rather than visiting diabetes clinics with long wait times. Allied health specialists will monitor each patient’s ongoing status and when problems are identified, an alert is sent to the patient’s physician immediately.

“Prior to this innovative approach, high-risk patients newly diagnosed with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, had to invest significant time making regular visits to clinics or hospitals for health monitoring and disease education, which could limit their work and personal opportunities,” said Derrick Jardine, Chief Information Officer, AHSC.

ROAM supports Chronic Disease Management systems by facilitating the decline of wait lists and alleviating pressure on congested health care facilities. By eliminating overcrowded clinics, patient care is enhanced and wait times are reduced.

“To date, we have implemented ROAM in some 63 Canadian and American hospitals,” said Gerry Verner, Chief Executive Officer, AWG. “And there is a growing interest as patients seek solutions to effectively advocate for and manage their own health.”

Physicians in these hospitals use ROAM technology to access life-saving information and applications anywhere, anytime. Currently, it enhances patient outcomes by enabling physicians to securely access confidential patient information, including test results, from remote areas, such as their homes or practices, allowing for a quick diagnoses and reduced time to treatment.

About Atlantic Health Sciences Centre
The Atlantic Health Sciences Corporation (AHSC) delivers health care to the communities of Southwestern New Brunswick, Canada, extending from Sussex to St. Stephen including the Fundy Isles of Grand Manan, Campobello and Deer Island. Saint John is the primary referral centre for the people of this region and, in a number of tertiary services, for the residents of the province. The Saint John Regional Hospital facility, one of Canada’s most modern and progressive hospitals, is the focal point of this highly integrated health network.

AHSC is the largest multi-facility Hospital Corporation in New Brunswick, comprising 12 sites and health centres which extend across 200 km. They provide a mixture of urban and rural, regional and local, hospital and home-based healthcare services.

AHSC serves a regional population of 200,000 and a provincial population of 760,000. AHSC has a team of 4,200 staff and 323 physicians.

Aside from patient care, education and research, AHSC is an accredited trauma centre providing services in cardiac, thoracic, neurosurgery and major vascular surgery. AHSC provide expertise in neurosciences, micro-surgical reimplantation plastic surgery, pediatric and adult oncology and cardiac surgery.

About AnyWare Group
AnyWare Group is an innovative provider of customer-driven access solutions through its flagship technology Role Oriented Access Management (ROAM). Built on industry leading security technologies, ROAM offers a secure access infrastructure enhancing an organization’s efficiencies by enabling real-time viewing and retrieval of its applications and information rapidly and securely from any location in the world. Health organizations use ROAM to access mission critical transactions and deliver sensitive, data intensive messages and information. Headquartered in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, AnyWare Group’s services are delivered as a managed remotely service through its diverse technology points of presence throughout Canada and the USA.