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Trillium Health chooses Carefx to aggregate patient data

TORONTO – Trillium Health Centre (Trillium), one of Canada’s leading healthcare providers, announced that it is deploying Fusion from Carefx Corp. to deliver streamlined and secure access to aggregated patient data.

Carefx is working with IBM to give more than 3,000 Trillium physicians, nurses and staff access to vital patient information on a single, unified view from any workstation throughout the 750-bed medical facility and other care providers within the community.

In addition, access would be provided from any location through a portal which provides clinicians with a single point of entry to otherwise disparate applications and a unified presentation of all vital patient data. As a result, Trillium will be able to reduce the amount of time clinicians spend searching for patient data, increase efficiency and improve the quality of care.

Trillium, which serves more than one million residents in the west-end of Toronto, recently embarked on an ambitious $100 million THINK Initiative that aims to enhance the delivery of care through the use of innovative IT systems.

Trillium believes that everyone, from hospital and community-based health care providers, to patients and families in their homes, should have the information they require to make timely and informed decisions about their health.

Fusion from Carefx will support Trillium by addressing clinicians’ need to navigate multiple and disparate applications – including clinical documentation, lab results and prescription tools – in order to get the full view of a patient’s clinical record.

Designed to enhance Trillium’s Single Sign-On (SSO) technology, Fusion seamlessly aggregates patient data from diverse applications and databases at the user-interface level – removing the cost-intensive, resource-draining effort of back-end data integration.

After a clinician logs into an individual application and selects a patient, encounter or observation, Fusion automatically finds and links related patient information in all other applications and presents a patient’s complete medical record in a single, simplified view. Using the new platform, Trillium clinicians will be able to gain secure access to information and manage content in clinical applications by Eclipsys and Meditech, among others.

“Timely and simplified access to accurate patient information is critical to providing quality outcomes, and we are committed to removing obstacles that hinder clinicians from responding in real time to patient needs,” said Wayne Mills, vice president of Information Services and CIO at Trillium Health Centre.

“Our team of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals explored multiple solutions in the information aggregation space,” said Mills. “We found that Fusion from Carefx addressed the unique needs of healthcare providers while offering an open, scalable and standard-based infrastructure that allows us to bridge both context-enabled and non-context-enabled applications and support both our desktop and portal strategy.”

“Trillium Health Centre continues to redefine the boundaries of healthcare services delivery in Canada through exemplary leadership, best practices and innovation,” said Canada-based Eric Gombrich, vice president, business development at Carefx. “With a comprehensive clinical platform that combines information aggregation from Fusion and the IBM WebSphere portal, Trillium will be able to deliver connectivity throughout their network of hospitals and independent physician offices, ensuring that everyone involved in patient care has access to the information they need at all times and from any location.

“The result,” said Gombrich, “will be increased efficiency, productivity and clinical efficacy that other healthcare organizations around the world will likely want to emulate.”

About Trillium Health Centre
Trillium Health Centre is one of Canada’s largest community hospitals with regional tertiary care programs in cardiac, stroke, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, and sexual assault and domestic violence services. Housing a model ambulatory care centre and the largest free-standing day surgery centre in North America, Trillium serves over one million residents in Peel and West Toronto and from other communities across Ontario. For more information, go to

About Fusion from Carefx
Fusion from Carefx is the first Patient Information Aggregation platform designed specifically for the healthcare provider environment as an alternative to the heavy lifting of back-end data integration. Fusion from Carefx’s open, scalable architecture and standards-based approach makes it the preferred aggregation solution of industry leaders, including CA, Cerner, GE Medical Systems, McKesson, Novell and Siemens Medical Solutions. Today, more than 200 hospitals in the United States and internationally use Fusion from Carefx.
According to the company, Carefx is the only provider of an open and scalable Patient Information Aggregation platform that provides clinicians real-time access to information residing in disparate applications. Extending the value of Single Sign-On (SSO) technology with context and identity management, Fusion from Carefx aids clinicians with sleek, intuitive and flexible access to patient information and satisfies IT imperatives by fully leveraging legacy investments within an open architecture. For more information, visit