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Administrative IT

New scheduling software in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Health has partnered with the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations (SAHO) to implement an electronic staff scheduling system over the next two years. The solution is to be supplied by Kronos, according to a spokesperson from Saskatchewan Health.

The $3 million initiative is funded from the $66 million committed to the province by Ottawa at the 2004 First Ministers’ meeting.

The new staff scheduling system is expected to reduce administration and paperwork, increase time for patient care, and better manage overtime and seniority.

Time currently spent by managers to schedule employees can be redirected to staff leadership, supporting colleagues in the workplace and ensuring quality care.

“The software will make more efficient use of the employees currently in the system,” Health Minister Len Taylor (pictured) said. “The staff scheduling software is another measure Saskatchewan Health is pursuing to help manage staff challenges in regional health authorities.”

“Working with the regions and Saskatchewan Health, SAHO will lead the implementation of this comprehensive staff scheduling system that will assist the healthcare system in managing and continuing to improve its utilization of health human resources,” SAHO President and CEO Susan Antosh said.

Currently, a variety of staff scheduling tools are being used across Saskatchewan, from manual entry systems to computer software tools.

More than 65 percent of health sector employees (24,600 staff) are on shift work. Many work in more than one healthcare facility. Salaries and benefits make up more than 70 percent of healthcare budgets.

The staff scheduler will allow managers access to timely and accurate information to assist them in optimizing the use of human resources.