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Supply chain

Hospital Logistics selects Teranet for data services

TORONTO – Teranet Enterprises Inc. announced that it has been selected to host and operate data systems for Hospital Logistics Inc.

Hospital Logistics Inc. (HLI) provides supply chain management solutions to hospitals in the greater Toronto area, including the University Health Network, Mount Sinai Hospital, Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre, and the recently opened Kensington Eye Institute.

Medical professionals rely on having adequate supplies available, and efficient management of these supplies by HLI means doctors and nurses can focus on patient care.

“Our information systems are critical to our business. We needed a company that we could trust and rely upon to host and operate our systems,” said Sharon Booth, Director of IT for HLI. “In the past, we hosted our servers at our distribution centre. However, with growth in our business and the desire to reduce the risk of business interruption, we simply did not have the space, depth of resource or expertise to do this function ourselves any longer.”

The growth of HLI’s business meant that they required a trusted provider to manage their systems. The resultant three-year contract with Teranet will have HLI’s servers and network switches maintained at a secure Teranet data center.

Teranet opened its newest Class “A” data centre in November 2005, which provides 24/7 monitoring and management with world-class security and reliability. With automatic crossover from power feeds from both North York and Scarborough in the event of a power disruption, HLI can rely on an infrastructure that is always available.

“We are pleased to offer cost-effective, reliable and experienced managed IT services for HLI’s growing business,” said Donald Stokes, Healthcare Practice Lead at Teranet. “Our services can expand as necessary so HLI can focus on what they do best.”

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