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Pharmacy systems

PEI set to deploy drug information system

CHARLOTTETOWN – Canada Health Infoway has given approval to the Prince Edward Island Department of Health for the final deployment phase of a province-wide Drug Information System (DIS).

Developed in conjunction with DeltaWare Systems Inc., the system is set to go live this fall.

According to the company, DeltaWare’s Medigent DIS will be the first of its kind in Canada. The DIS will help ensure patient safety by allowing for all data concerning a patient’s medication history to be accessed provincially by all caregivers who prescribe and dispense medications.

The new system is the cornerstone of the Island’s new “All Drugs All People” program.

The Medigent DIS is unique for a variety of reasons. It is fully integrated with the Medigent Claims Processing System, which allows clinical functions to leverage claims functions, and vice versa.

The system also includes a comprehensive drug utilization review based on First DataBank data and algorithms, flagging potential interactions within the patient’s medication profile, immunization record, and various attributes of his/her clinical history, such as allergies, intolerances, medical conditions and general observations.

Despite being a totally integrated system, Medigent adheres to jurisdictional privacy and health information legislation through a logical separation of fiscal program data and clinical “All Drugs All People” data.

Medigent’s DIS is based on the HL7 version 3 messaging standard. The DIS will fully support the CeRx clinical standard, the NeCST pharmacy claims standard, and the CR v3 client registry messages.

Through these messaging standards, the product will be seamlessly integrated with pharmacy POS systems, physician EMR products, and hospital-based Clinical Information Systems. A web-based viewer will also be deployed in Emergency Rooms, Family Health Centres, and Addiction Centres.

The DIS is DeltaWare’s most recent addition to its suite of healthcare products known as Medigent. Various components of the Medigent Suite are deployed in Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Manitoba, and Yukon.

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