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Wait times

Manitoba website offers improved wait-time data

WINNIPEG – Manitobans can now acquire more wait-time information to help them and their health-care providers make decisions about their diagnostic testing and treatment options, Health Minister Tim Sale has announced.

“Our improved wait-time website provides more up-to-date information about waits for tests and treatments,” said Sale. “It also includes information on the government’s plan to improve wait times and our progress to date.”

The enhanced website, part of the government’s long-term strategy to improve wait times for health services in Manitoba, now includes:

• monthly instead of quarterly wait times;

• wait times for a wider range of health-care services offered throughout the province, including facility-specific MRI and CT scans, ultrasound, bone-density tests stress MIBI, radiation therapy, cardiac, joint and cataract surgery; and wait-time questions for patients to ask doctors or nurse practitioners.

“Obtaining and sharing meaningful, reliable information and using that information to shorten wait lists and eliminate backlogs is one of the ways we as a government can provide better care sooner to Manitobans,” said Sale.

The Wait-time Reduction Strategy was developed in consultation with health-service practitioners and stakeholders and supports the five priority areas identified by first ministers in their 10-year plan to strengthen healthcare.

In late October, Sale announced a $155-million, five-point plan to improve access to quality care and reduce wait times in key health-service areas. The plan includes:

• more diagnostic testing – $25.5 million;

• more surgeries – $57.1 million;

• more health professionals – $12.4 million;

• system innovation and better wait-list management – $10.5 million; and

• prevention and health promotion – $17.2 million.

“Some Manitobans continue to wait too long for needed health-care services and the province is working with health partners to improve this situation,” said Sale. “However, we need the help of all Manitobans to reduce wait times by taking care of their health through healthy eating, physical activity and smoke-free living.”

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