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Medication management

First DataBank offers med knowledge to streamline CPOE

SAN BRUNO, Calif. – First DataBank has announced the launch of a new product line of medication knowledge bases for computerized physician order entry (CPOE). According to Virginia Halsey, Product Management Director for the NDDF Plus product line, the first of these – the OrderView Med Knowledge Base – introduces drug content that’s specifically structured to streamline clinician workflow, improving CPOE usability.

According to the company, the OrderView Med Knowledge Base enables clinicians to specify precisely the medications they need – easily, intuitively and without frustration; that is, in the most physician-friendly manner possible.

Part of the rationale for this focus on usability, Halsey noted, was the unfortunate experience several high-profile CPOE implementations have had with physician acceptance. “Typically, when you ask clinicians today to compare CPOE with paper-based orders, they’ll say ‘it doesn’t even come close to the speed and convenience of jotting down orders on paper.’ ”

“Our goal,” Halsey stated, “was to create a drug database that supports CPOE systems doctors actually want to use.” This meant, first of all, designing a database that would support medication ordering in the fewest mouse clicks, while minimizing pick lists to reduce scrolling.

According to Nancy Greengold, MD, MBA, “Clinical content and technology need to work in concert in order to encourage user acceptance of CPOE.” In her work with hospitals nationwide that are implementing evidence-based order sets developed by Zynx Health, she said, it is the clinical knowledge that is key to helping gain consensus around the creation of guidelines, order sets, and protocols. She also points out from her experience that “there is a clear need for a physician-oriented, pre-built source for the thousands of medications that are ordered in hospitals daily – especially if tightly integrated into the workflow.”

Dr. Greengold is Vice President and Medical Director, Hearst Business Media and subsidiaries First DataBank and Zynx Health.

In addition to medication orders composed of such components as doses, frequencies, durations, special instructions and anatomic sites, OrderView introduces a specialized set of medication concepts, known as Orderable Meds. “These are critical to moving next-generation CPOE systems to a truly order-centric representation, as opposed to a product-centric one,” Halsey explained. Orderable Meds are constructed explicitly for ordering – not for dispensing, administering, researching or billing medications. Yet they link seamlessly to the right products on a drug formulary for pharmacy dispensing and nurse administration.

For instance, clinicians entering “warfarin oral” would invoke a “stepping stone” that leads them directly to a completed order – say “warfarin 7mg po qday” – in just one hop. The clinician would never have to specify, “Make up that 7mg order using a 5mg tablet and a 2mg tablet.” “That’s the pharmacist’s area of expertise,” Halsey said, “just one example of how entering less order detail is more physician-friendly.”

One other important element for a successful CPOE project, added Halsey, is reducing the time and resources expended in implementing a database of pre-defined orders. “The time required to research, build and populate medication orders by hand,” she said, “is typically underestimated. It usually takes at least 2,000 hours of professional pharmacist time before ‘go-live’ of a CPOE implementation.” First DataBank offers a CPOE-ready database, “created and maintained by our team of clinical experts, that makes these ‘do-it-yourself’ efforts unnecessary.”

“OrderView is medication content that’s optimized for integration into CPOE systems – built from the ground up to support next-generation CPOE apps,” explained David Manin, Director of Marketing. OrderView is compatible with First DataBank’s NDDF Plus drug knowledge base, Manin noted, providing far greater value than a hand-built CPOE-database, which typically does not link to all of the other necessary content. NDDF Plus is widely used throughout the healthcare industry and is the leading database of its kind with major HIS and hospital pharmacy system vendors, as well as leading hospital systems created in-house.

About First DataBank
First DataBank, a subsidiary of The Hearst Corporation, is the leading provider of context-relevant, integrated drug information. For over 25 years we’ve partnered with information system developers throughout the healthcare continuum to make drug content relevant from the perspectives of multiple end users, and executable at the point of need. We have successfully delivered proven drug knowledge bases for integration into a wide range of applications, with particular expertise in clinical decision support within the workflow. Together with our development partners, First DataBank helps reduce the incidence of medication errors and adverse drug events, which promises to lower healthcare costs and improve patient care.