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Electronic health records

Eclipsys implemented at Osler Health Centre

ETOBICOKE, Ont. – William Osler Health Centre’s Etobicoke General site has become the first healthcare organization to activate the Eclipsys Clinical Advantage (ECA) advanced clinical information solution, from Eclipsys Corp., of Boca Raton, Fla.

The new Eclipsys product offering was activated late last fall at the 276-bed Etobicoke General.

ECA comprises the Sunrise Clinical Manager, the foundation of the Eclipsys Sunrise advanced clinical information suite, and The Shams Group Astro Interface Engine. Together, the systems enable real-time integration with MEDITECH Magic and/or client/server applications.

As a result, ECA provides healthcare organizations with all of the advantages of Eclipsys’s advanced Sunrise Clinical Manager solution, while enabling them to retain the investments in their existing MEDITECH systems.

Care providers work exclusively within Sunrise Clinical Manager and utilize the clinical information system’s powerful workflow advantages – which at Osler currently includes evidence-based clinical content within context and advanced interdisciplinary clinical documentation.

The advanced technology underlying the Astro Interface Engine enables real-time synchronization with the MEDITECH system without the need for point-to-point interfaces.

As a result, patient data entered into Sunrise Clinical Manager flows directly to the Astro Interface Engine, essentially making Sunrise Clinical Manager act as a module within the MEDITECH system. This greatly simplifies integration and maximizes system performance.

After activation, William Osler nurses quickly began using the Emergency Department Tracking Board and structured note creation for triage of incoming Emergency patients. Physician adoption is considered excellent, with doctors utilizing the system to review new results, reports and documents, as well as historical information on patients who have been treated previously.

“In the ED, the Eclipsys solution is enabling nurses to provide faster triage, and to track the status of patients as they’re moving through the department or waiting for treatment,” said Heidi Brown, regional  president, Eclipsys Canada.

She noted that emergency room visits to the Etobicoke General site have been growing rapidly of late, due to the fast population growth in areas on the outskirts of Toronto. Computerized systems will play a big part, she said, in helping reduce bottlenecks in emergency departments and smooth the progress of patients through a healthcare facility.

“With this solution, you can even start registering the patient right from the ambulance,” she said. Other advanced features of the ED system include alerts to let doctors and nurses know how long patients have been waiting; icons on boards to quickly and clearly show care-givers the status of patients and whether they need diagnostic tests; automated reporting functions to help reduce paperwork and provide administrative staff with more comprehensive information; multilingual discharge instructions for patients, informing them of how to take medications and care for themselves once they return home.

“We have developed this new solution set to enable progressive organizations, such as William Osler Health Centre, to add all of the advantages of our Sunrise Clinical Manager and its comprehensive clinical decision support capabilities and robust functionality, while continuing to derive value from their existing MEDITECH investment,” said R. Andrew Eckert, Eclipsys president and chief executive officer.

“With ECA, William Osler Health Centre is now positioned to achieve its goals of increasing physician adoption of a computerized physician order entry (CPOE) system and providing a complete electronic health record for every patient.”

About William Osler Health Centre
William Osler Health Centre is one of the largest hospital corporations in Ontario, with approximately 600 beds, 3,700 staff, 670 physicians and 1,000 volunteers. The organization includes two acute care sites in Etobicoke and Brampton, with construction under way for a new acute care facility, the 608-bed Brampton Civic Hospital, projected to open in fall 2007. The new Brampton Civic Hospital is estimated to accommodate 90,000 emergency patient visits and 160,000 ambulatory care visits annually. For details, see

About Eclipsys
Eclipsys is a leading provider of advanced clinical, financial and management information software and service solutions to more than 1,500 healthcare facilities. Eclipsys empowers healthcare organizations to improve patient safety, revenue cycle management and operational efficiency through innovative information solutions. For more information, see or email