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Nightingale signs EMR contract with Alabama Neurological Institute

MARKHAM, Ont. – Nightingale Informatix Corp. announced that the Alabama Neurological Institute has selected the Nightingale electronic medical record (EMR) solution, services and support to work in conjunction with its existing HealtheNet transcription services.

The contract includes a six-doctor license and will provide the Institute with improved workflow by capturing patient information and easily populating it into the Nightingale EMR application.

By streamlining referral and feedback processes, the Nightingale EMR solution will facilitate continued expansion of services at the Institute, as well as integration of clinical care with other providers across the region.

“Our organization is dedicated to advancing knowledge about neurological disorders, while providing patients with state-of-the-art care,” stated Dr. Camilo R. Gomez. “The Nightingale EMR solution and its existing integration with the HealtheNet transcription services will ensure that we continue to provide our patients with the best services available.”

“We will be working with Nightingale to customize neurological templates to help improve our workflow,” added Dr. Gomez. “After several years of due diligence research, Nightingale is the first EMR application we’ve seen that successfully integrates physicians’ workflow into a true community-based electronic health record model.”

The Institute handles approximately 10,000 patient visits every year, and operates the most sophisticated MRI and Physical Therapy centres in the region.

With the only nationally recognized Vascular and Critical Care Neurology team in the region, and one of three nationally designated Philips 3.0 Tesla MRI Research Centres in the U.S., referrals from across the state of Alabama and other states underscore the level of neurological expertise and services provided at the Institute.

The Nightingale and HealtheNet combined application service provider (ASP) solution will allow physicians and their staff to access patient information from anywhere there is an Internet connection, and will ensure the timeliest of care.

“The Alabama Neurological Institute is very progressive in its use of technology to advance patient care,” said John Bodolai, VP Sales and Marketing for Nightingale. “To have the opportunity to work with the Institute to build a fully integrated, community-based electronic health record is very exciting to us. We will be creating some very advanced tools to help capture clinical data to be shared, in a secure manner, by all relevant healthcare providers.”

About Nightingale
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