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Electronic health records

Nightingale inks pact with N.S.  hearing and speech centres

MARKHAM, Ont. – Nightingale Informatix Corp. announced it has signed a licensing agreement through the Nova Scotia Department of Health to provide Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres with Nightingale’s web-based myNightingale Enterprise Practice Management and Electronic Patient Record (EPR) application, as well as training and implementation services. The funding for this project, valued at over $300,000, was allocated in the Department of Health 2005-2006 Budget.

Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech has 29 centres with over 80 speech-language pathologists and audiologists providing specialized hearing and speech care to residents across the province. The Centres were seeking to upgrade their software applications with a web-based Electronic Patient Record to help improve patient care, reduce wait times and provide greater operational efficiencies.

Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres went through a standard Request for Proposal (RFP) process, as well as extensive clinical and technical evaluation before selecting the myNightingale application. It was determined that Nightingale’s solution was the best suited to deliver specialist care, as well as the easiest and most cost-effective system to implement across the 29 sites.

“In order to improve access to our patients and provide better care, our management team identified a need for a technology solution that was comprehensive, easy to use, flexible enough for the types of programs we run, and easy to implement,” said Lynn Fraser, CEO of Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres. “Nightingale was clearly the leading application on the market and their willingness to work with us to accommodate our unique requirements was a definite plus.”

Under the terms of the new agreement, the Nova Scotia Department of Health will license the Nightingale software solution on behalf of Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres. This will act as an extension to a previous license agreement between DOH and Nightingale as part of the province’s Primary Healthcare Information Management (PHIM) program. The licenses include the myNightingale Enterprise Edition Billing, Scheduling, EPR applications as well as Workflow tools and templates.

The Nightingale solution will enable the audiologists, speech pathologists, technicians and support staff to manage programs, and share patient charts with physicians and other primary healthcare providers with appropriate authorization. Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres will be able to exchange information across multiple care givers, different programs and varying centres.

Moving Towards the Province’s Goal of Electronic Health Records

The Primary Healthcare Information Management (PHIM) program began in mid 2005 in Nova Scotia with the Department of Health’s goal of giving healthcare providers in the community electronic health records to access patient clinical information in real time – a key component of enhanced patient care. Benefits of the PHIM program include accessible health information at all points of care, effective sharing of health information to improve patient care within community health settings and a reduction in the number of medical errors through improved accuracy and clarity of medical records.

“We are extremely pleased with the progress we are making in Nova Scotia to deploy Nightingale’s web-based, patient-centric application to primary care providers across the province, and that Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech selected us for its specialty programs,” said John Bodolai, Vice President Sales and Marketing of Nightingale. “Nightingale has demonstrated that its unique patient-centric model is flexible enough to use with its template approach across the patient care spectrum by both the primary care providers and provincial programs like Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech.”

The Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech solution will be hosted at the DOH’s Halifax-based Health Data Centre. Nightingale will also provide end-user support and maintenance and other training and implementation services to Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres with the support of the Department of Health.

About Nightingale
Nightingale ( is Canada’s largest healthcare application service provider (ASP) for Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management solutions for outpatient clinics. Nightingale’s Internet-based Electronic Health Record (EHR), Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and practice management solutions are designed to help physicians, clinics, hospitals and other healthcare organizations manage their practices, as well as their patient records through a secure Internet browser. Nightingale’s solutions offer multi-location, enterprise-wide management and reporting capabilities. Nightingale’s suite of products offer physicians in Canada and the United States leading-edge functionality for patient scheduling, resource scheduling, billing, claims processing, work flow tools, clinical documentation, laboratory interfaces, document management and patient portals, and other real-time patient services.

About Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres
NSHSC provide hearing services to all Nova Scotians and speech and language services to pre-school children and adults. Each day, more the than 100,000 Nova Scotians need assistance to face the challenges associated with hearing, speaking, understanding, and expressing themselves. People with communication disabilities cannot meet their full potential without help. NSHSC is located in twenty-five communities throughout the province. Last year, the Centres’ caring and highly trained team of professionals recorded more than 50,000 visits from Nova Scotians with communication disabilities. Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres are accredited by the Canadian Association of Service Programs (CASP), the professional Standards Board of the Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (CASLPA).