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Sunnybrook chooses Sentillion for single sign-on

ANDOVER, Mass. – Sentillion, Inc., a leading provider of identity and access management (IAM) solutions for the always-on healthcare industry, announced that Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre, in Toronto, has selected Sentillion’s Vergence product suite to deploy in their high-volume emergency room department.

The hospital has an option to expand to an enterprise-wide, single sign-on solution that will provide additional clinicians with quicker access to their electronic medical records without compromising security.

“As an academic health sciences centre, we have supported the unique information management requirements for each of our clinical services for many years,” said Sam Marafioti, vice president, corporate strategy and development and chief information officer, Sunnybrook & Women’s. “Partnering with Sentillion now enables us to integrate separate applications together into seamless workflows customized for each clinical area, saving our clinicians valuable time and improving patient care and safety.”

Sunnybrook & Women’s will use Vergence to provide strong authentication, single sign-on and single patient selection across its diverse applications, which comprise Sunnybrook & Women’s unified electronic patient record (EPR) initiative.

Vergence employs best practices for security and will improve caregiver workflow across a number of Sunnybrook & Women’s applications, including iSoft EDIS, DINMAR Oacis, and a number of other applications to be added over time.

In addition, computers in Sunnybrook & Women’s emergency department will be equipped with proximity card identifiers and fingerprint readers to replace the conventional means of typing in a user name/password combination to access a computer and its applications.

Sunnybrook & Women’s will achieve this using Sentillion’s Vergence Authenticator solution, which is integrated with the proximity-based security of Ensure Technologies’ XyLoc technology and biometric technology from Identix Incorporated. The combined solution will keep unauthorized users out of applications while simplifying access for authorized caregivers.

“Many physicians and healthcare workers have to log on to the system hundreds of times a day, and each log on can take up to 60 seconds,” said Dr. Paul Hawkins, chief of emergency medicine at Sunnybrook & Women’s. “With Vergence Authenticator, proximity cards and fingerprint logins, a 60-second task will be reduced to less than five seconds. We are thrilled with these new developments, as they will help ensure that our time is focused on patient care.”

The same system will also make it easier for caregivers in the emergency department to readily access the right patient-care information and expedite treatment. “Providing our patients with remarkable care is always our first priority,” said Dr. Hawkins. “We are always looking for ways to improve our patients’ experience by increasing efficiency and further reducing the potential for medical errors.”

Sentillion’s products have been purchased by healthcare organizations across Canada, including the New Brunswick Regional Health Authorities, St. Joseph’s Health Centre in Toronto and Vancouver Coastal Health.

Sentillion’s identity and access management products help healthcare provider organizations meet their urgent need for patient safety and privacy, streamlined workflows, regulatory compliance and protection of data and information sources.

Sentillion’s Vergence product suite enables organizations to know who their users are, using identity management, and to help them become more productive while ensuring system security and guarding patient confidentiality. Vergence is a modularized suite that includes user provisioning, strong authentication, single sign-on, clinical context management and privacy auditing.