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Nightingale signs on new physician groups in Ontario

MARKHAM, Ont. – Nightingale Informatix Corp., a provider of clinical information systems for physicians, announced it has further extended its reach into the Ontario market by signing two Ontario Family Health Networks (FHNs) and one Health Services Organization (HSO).

Each of the FHNs/HSO has chosen myNightingale’s full suite of web-based solutions to automate their patient records, manage their clinic operations and streamline their practices’ workflow in a secure environment. The three transactions are estimated to be worth $350,000 in software and services.

Brockville Family Health Network, Fairview Family Health Network in North York and the Sandhills Health Service Organization in Waterloo will have a total of 22 doctors, plus support staff, using the Nightingale solution. These clinics treat more than 70,000 patients.

The myNightingale suite includes Scheduling, Billing, Lab Reporting and Electronic Health Records (EHR).

“Patients deserve the best possible care and Nightingale’s solutions will allow our clinic to better service our patients,” said Dr. Bonham-Carter of the Brockville FHN. “With myNightingale, we have better access to patient information and records, allowing for improved communication and timelier diagnosis. With improved workflow systems, we can focus on our patients rather than on the paperwork.”

Each of these health networks has multiple locations which will access the Nightingale solution. The Brockville FHN utilizes hospital-based servers at Brockville General Hospital while the Fairview FHN accesses a server located at North York General Hospital and the Sandhills HSO manages its own server for the Nightingale application.

The three newly signed clinics have taken advantage of funding available from Ontario MD’s Primary Care IT Funding Plan, which assists eligible primary care physicians to acquire information technology tools and resources.

Together with Smart Systems for Health Agency, OntarioMD is working to provide secure, integrated, province-wide IT infrastructure to connect Ontario’s healthcare providers and facilitate the adoption of electronic health records for improved patient care for all Ontarians.

“We eagerly anticipate that Nightingale’s software will enhance patient care,” said Dr. Sharon Levy, of Fairview FHN. “After months of careful research and a rigorous selection process, the Nightingale solution was our top choice from among the government’s approved vendors. It is flexible, intuitive, easy to use, and developed with Canadian medical practices in mind. We’re thrilled to be able to use the Nightingale solution, and we are confident it will serve our needs now and into the future.”

“Nightingale has built a web-based, patient-centric application that can be accessed by multiple physicians and other healthcare providers in a secure environment,” said John Bodolai, Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Nightingale. “This patient-centric approach is ideally suited for Family Health Networks, Healthcare Services Organizations and other healthcare teams that need a single patient record with multiple access points, resulting in better quality and faster care for their patients,” stated Bodolai. “Nightingale’s products are proven and built from the ground up to meet the specific needs of Canadian family physicians.”

“With myNightingale, our clinic is moving toward a paper-free environment which will give us access to a patient’s comprehensive health record, anywhere, anytime,” said Dr. Tiegs of Sandhills HSO. “We selected Nightingale in part because they have existing integration into major Ontario labs and have a proven Ontario billing application, underscoring their unique focus on the needs of Canadian physicians.”

About Nightingale
Nightingale ( is Canada’s largest healthcare application service provider (ASP) for Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management solutions for outpatient clinics. Nightingale’s internet-based Electronic Health Record (EHR), Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and practice management solutions are designed to help physicians, clinics, hospitals and other healthcare organizations manage their practices, as well as their patient records through a secure internet browser. Nightingale’s solutions offer multi-location, enterprise wide management and reporting capabilities. Nightingale’s suite of products offer Canadian and United States physician’s leading edge functionality for patient scheduling, resource scheduling, billing, claims processing, work flow tools, clinical documentation, laboratory interfaces, document management and patient portals, and other real-time patient services.