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North York General opts for Emerald workload software

TORONTO – North York General Hospital, a multi-site community teaching hospital, has selected Emerald Health Information Systems’ Dynamine software solution to meet its requirements for enhanced workload measurement data collection and managerial decision support.

Dynamine will be utilized by all inpatient and outpatient areas and will be interfaced with the Cerner Hospital Information System (HIS) and the Kronos scheduling software.

The hospital has also contracted Emerald for a review of its workload standards.

North York General Hospital conducted a full RFP to select a replacement for their outdated and soon to be unsupported legacy system. The Emerald solution was reviewed by front-line users, managers, IT staff and decision-support personnel.

Susan Kwolek, Vice- President, Quality and Corporate Performance, said the Emerald solution provides “Timely, accurate reports that better capture the utilization of the hospital’s resources, enabling us to make workload decisions such as staffing requirements when patients are waiting for beds.”

Christine Reynolds, Resource Nurse, Post Anaesthetic Care Unit, added that, “Dynamine is a user-friendly system. From a nursing perspective, this is an accurate measurement tool that will allow us to retrieve data quickly for decision-making.”

Dynamine not only provides support for improved decision-making and resource allocation, it also provides the foundation for alignment of clinical activities, resource utilization and patient outcomes.

Dynamine will also support the longer-term requirements of the hospital – its capability of supporting documentation-derived workload is ready and waiting now to integrate with the Hospital’s Information System when the decision is made to implement an Electronic Health Record.

“We are delighted with the hospital’s decision to work with Emerald. The hospital was seeking a long-term relationship with a partner, rather than just the purchase of a software program from a vendor,” said Jean White, Emerald’s Vice President of Development & Implementation. “This fits well with Emerald’s client-centric focus in its product development, implementation and support services, so we are truly members of the North York General Hospital’s implementation team.”

Working collaboratively from a contract signed mid-August, the hospital and Emerald are well on the way to completion of a 15-week fast-tracked implementation process that is a standard feature of Emerald’s emphasis on minimizing internal support time and eliminating off-unit training.

Emerald continues to challenge the traditional view of workload measurement and data analysis. Proven to be a valuable managerial tool for both Nursing and Allied Health, Emerald says its Dynamine software is the first true web application that is a complete workload decision support solution, enabling the unique data collection and reporting requirements of all hospital areas as well as external (Ministry) workload and caseload reporting requirements.

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