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Ontario hospitals report performance results in SAS

TORONTO – SAS, a leader in business intelligence and predictive analytics, announced that the Hospital Report Research Collaborative (HRRC), at the University of Toronto’s Department of the Health Policy, Management and Evaluation (HPME), has used SAS software to develop a performance and quality improvement reporting tool available to Ontario hospitals to calculate financial and clinical performance indicators.

In a recent benchmark study of Ontario hospitals, the Wizard for Hospital Report Indicator tool (WHIC) reduced the time that the average hospital takes to trend performance indicators from eight months to minutes.

“The WHIC tool has proven to be a most powerful means for Ontario hospitals to trend and benchmark their own performance measures,” said Dr Adalsteinn Brown, Principal Investigator, HRRC. “This tool contributes to the efficiency of everyone involved in, or with a vested interest in, performance reporting.”

The HRRC, a leading research institute specializing in hospital performance measurement and benchmarking, has developed the tool to more efficiently report on the performance of Ontario hospitals to the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care (MOHLTC). In the future, MOHLTC plans to use the information to make more informed funding decisions for each hospital corporation.

Over time, the tool will be used to collect, analyze and report on complex continuing care, emergency department care and rehabilitation performance indicators. Performance improvement managers and analysts at Ontario hospitals can also use the tool to do trend analysis and benchmark their own internal results with other hospitals in the province and ensure they are meeting performance standards set out by the MOHLTC.

About the Department of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation (HPME)
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About the Hospital Report Research Collaboration (HRRC)
Since 1998, HRRC have developed methods and reports on hospital performance in Ontario using the balanced scorecard format resulting in one of the most comprehensive sets of performance measurement reports internationally. The annual reports include a broad range of sectors including acute care, emergency department care, complex continuing care, rehabilitation and mental health. Nursing and women’s health perspectives are integrated into the reports developed for all health care sectors. New areas of investigation include development of indicators for ambulatory care and access to care. Other related projects include the development of electronic decision-support tools to facilitate the uptake of performance data in timely and even more useful ways, benchmarks and case studies of best practice, a multi-hospital quality improvement collaborative involving a structured and team-based learning approach to improve process quality and patient outcomes, and a study of tools used to assess the quality of physician care, in collaboration with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and the Guidelines Advisory Committee. The Hospital Report Research Collaborative is sponsored by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care (MOH) and the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA). Some of the research is funded by other research grants from such organizations as the Ontario Women’s Health Council.

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