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Electronic health records

Trillium Health Centre Chooses IBM To Help Integrate Patient Records

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – Trillium Health Centre announced that IBM will help integrate all of its patient information so healthcare professionals can get a complete, up-to-date picture of each patient from a single record.

Creating a single patient record requires the integration of data from various software applications, from lab test results and x-ray images to patient scheduling and pharmacology systems.

IBM’s WebSphere software makes this possible by reading data generated by applications and converting it into formats that can be read by various healthcare systems operating on different technology platforms. The $3-million investment will link software applications in the hospital and the community.

The patient record integration project is part of a seven-year, $100-million Strategic Initiative by Trillium called Transforming Healthcare into Integrated Networks of Knowledge (THINK). One of the largest projects of its kind in Canada, it will reduce wait times, allow discharged patients’ progress to be monitored online, and enable healthcare workers to spend less time on paperwork and more time with patients.

Software systems at Trillium will be integrated in stages, the first stage being the integration of the hospital’s Admit, Discharge and Transfer system and Meditech test result records program with Trillium’s new Eclipsys Sunrise Clinical Manager system.

This will be followed by interchanging practitioner order entry information between multiple applications. Design work on these systems began in August 2005 and will be completed in early 2006.

This project includes not only WebSphere software, but also IBM eServer xSeries servers and integration services.

“Trillium has had a vision to work with others to create an integrated Community Care Services Model and WebSphere will help us achieve this through our open architecture,” said Wayne Mills (pictured at left), vice president, Information Services, at Trillium Health Centre. “The new system will simplify how Trillium integrates with other organizations, allowing people to collaborate and communicate, which will result in better treatment for our patients.”

WebSphere also lets Trillium take advantage of open standards and Service Oriented Architectures, which will make process and systems integration at Trillium faster and more complete.

“Enabling a family doctor to access a patient’s healthcare records online, regardless of what kind of records or what system they’re on, will allow that doctor to find out what treatments the patient has had and what the outcome has been,” said John Donaldson, WebSphere software executive, IBM Canada. “Eventually, everything will be interconnected so tests won’t need to be repeated and hardcopies of charts and x-rays won’t need to be manually sent between offices.”

About Trillium Health Centre
Trillium Health Centre is one of Canada’s leading and largest community hospitals, with expanding regional tertiary care programs in cardiac care, stroke, orthopaedics, neurosurgery, and sexual assault and domestic violence services.
Serving over one million residents in Mississauga, South Etobicoke (Toronto) and from other communities across the province, Trillium has redefined the boundaries of community healthcare delivery and is a recognized leader in health innovation.
Housing a model ambulatory care centre, the busiest Emergency service in the country, and the largest free-standing day surgery centre in North America, the two-site facility is attracting international attention for its innovative approach to the provision of healthcare services, and has received numerous national awards for quality and innovation, as a Top 100 employer in Canada, and as the first 14001 ISO certified multi-site hospital in the world. For more information on Trillium, visit