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Physician IT

UK developer of physician IT systems comes to Canada

EDMONTON – EMIS, which claims to be the leading technology supplier for doctors’ offices in the UK, announced it will set up shop in Canada. It is establishing its Canadian operations in Edmonton and will offer its products and services in western Canada first before expanding to other provinces.

“Our goal is to bring an industry-leading level of development and stable support as we meet the technology needs of primary care physicians, first in western Canada and then across Canada,” said Peter Anderson, president of EMIS Canada Inc. “We have 20 years experience and sufficient size and resources to provide new levels of service and a functionally rich system that meets the workflow needs of doctors.”

Mr. Anderson said EMIS is in the process of hiring corporate staff for its Edmonton headquarters, is finalizing modifications to its products to meet the specific needs of GPs in Alberta, and will adapt its products to the requirements of other Canadian provinces.

According to the company, EMIS is the UK’s leading IT supplier in primary healthcare, hosting over 33 million electronic medical records within its systems. Approximately 55 percent of doctors in the UK currently use EMIS software each day. For more information please go to

EMIS head offices are based in Leeds, including Development and Support. Training for general practices is localized and headed by Regional Operations Directors. Teams of Operations Managers provide high levels of local area support. Business Development Managers are EMIS development specialists that support the strategic IM&T goals of PCTs. The total complement of staff employed by EMIS is 675.

EMIS began 17 years ago in a rural dispensing practice in Egton near Whitby in North Yorkshire, where Dr Peter Sowerby wrote the software in association with co-author Dr David Stables. EMIS is now the market leader for general practice systems and is widely acknowledged as being at the forefront of medical informatics, helping primary healthcare to benefit from the accelerating pace of information technology.