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New $104 million hospital for Truro, Nova Scotia

A new hospital in Truro will mean better access to top quality health care for residents in the Colchester East Hants health district, officials from the government of Nova Scotia said.

Earlier this month, the government announced a contribution of $78-million to replace the Colchester Regional Hospital. The total project cost is about $104 million.

The Colchester East Hants Health Authority provides services from both the Colchester Regional Hospital, in Truro, and the Lillian Fraser Memorial Hospital, in Tatamagouche.

“This project will secure the future of quality health services in Colchester East Hants,” said Karen Casey, chair of the health authority. “After years of planning and consultation with our health-care team and communities, we finally have the commitment we need to bring this project to fruition.”

Truro-Bible Hill MLA Jamie Muir announced the long-anticipated funding to replace the “inadequate” Colchester Regional Hospital.

He said the new facility, to be built within town limits, “will be the most modern hospital that we have in the province.” The existing facility is the province’s oldest regional hospital. The original part of the building, known as the annex, opened in 1926, followed in 1965 by a larger addition.

The new hospital will be based on a cost-saving, two-building campus model. All administrative services and non-clinical activities will be housed in an administrative building. The funding will allow the health authority to proceed with the next stage of planning, which will involve tendering for architectural design. The new facility is expected to be completed in 2010.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to assist in building a new facility that will address the healthcare needs of the residents of Colchester and East Hants for generations,” said Karen McNeil, chair of the Colchester Regional Hospital Foundation. “This is about men, women, businesses, municipalities, foundations, and service clubs being as generous as they can possibly be. It is about providing leadership, as volunteers, as donors and as member of our community. It is about coming together as a community to ensure that the best possible healthcare is available for the members of our community for years to come.”

In July 2001, the Minister of Health approved a request from the Colchester East Hants Health Authority to conduct a district-wide role study. The study was approved by the minister in 2002. Subsequent to this, the health authority was advised to describe its needs in terms of replacing the existing Colchester Regional Hospital.

The district selected and purchased a site for the new facility in the summer of 2005.