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Electronic medical records

Windsor and region to standardize on SolCom system

WINDSOR, Ont. – The Windsor Regional Hospital has announced an agreement with SolCom Inc., of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, that includes the installation of SolCom’s electronic document management system, SolComHealth.

The partnership comes at a pivotal time in the restructuring of Ontario’s healthcare system. The province is moving toward a Local Health Integrated Network (LHIN) and Windsor Regional Hospital embraced this opportunity to make some changes in their health records processes.

The LHIN initiative was created to re-enforce a healthcare system in Ontario that is results-driven and integrated. Committed to this initiative, Windsor Regional Hospital sought ways to improve efficiencies with other area hospitals and show costs savings for their efforts.

This commitment included a dedicated plan to overcome some key obstacles that Windsor Regional Hospital encountered, including an outdated imaging system.

As well, health record processes weren’t electronic, and required all chart analysis and physician signatures to be done on paper.

Facing the substantial cost to upgrade, Windsor Regional Hospital began looking at the solutions available from various vendors.

Part of the integrated goal of LHIN includes sharing resources with other area hospitals. Windsor Regional Hospital was fortunate to neighbor Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital, which had been successful in implementing a cost-effective, paperless solution for their medical records. This system, SolComHealth, was developed by SolCom and had gained both administrative and physician acceptance at Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital.

Based on this proven success and the cost-effective structure, SolCom became the provider-of-choice for Windsor Regional Hospital’s new Electronic Document Management System(EDMS).

Stage One of implementation at Windsor Regional Hospital began this spring by converting all their medical records into SolComHealth. This also includes electronically importing documents from radiology, lab and transcription, which are already in an electronic format and don’t require manual scanning.

>From this point, SolCom will use their Intelligent Chart Capture technology to quickly scan and index the documents that cannot be captured electronically.

Training will begin on the administrative functions of SolComHealth – including how to manage user profiles, document types, work baskets and workflow processes.

In September, Windsor Regional Hospital will be ready for Stage Two of implementation and well on its way to establishing a comprehensive, enterprise-wide solution.

Joining forces with Windsor Regional Hospital is the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance, also in southwestern Ontario, with the Leamington District Memorial Hospital projected to follow.

“This group effort lays the groundwork for an efficient collaboration of technical resources,” says Sharon Pfaff (pictured at left), chief information officer for Windsor Regional Hospital and Chatham-Kent Health Alliance. “By Hotel Dieu Grace, Windsor Regional Hospital, Chatham-Kent Health Alliance and Leamington District Memorial Hospital all sharing the SolComHealth structure, they will reap the maximum benefits of our system,” adds Marv Addink, CEO of SolCom.

Ms. Pfaff said, “Windsor Regional Hospital is pleased that SolCom has stepped up to the plate and supported us in our project. It is evident the establishment of SolComHealth will further our LHIN progress in Ontario.”

About Windsor Regional Hospital
Windsor Regional Hospital in Windsor, Ontario, is a multi-site health care facility operating from two campuses. The hospital corporation serves a population of over 350,000 people in the Windsor and Essex County. Windsor Regional Hospital is the result of a merger between Windsor Western Hospital Centre Inc. and Metropolitan General Hospital. These two healthcare organizations officially merged on December 1, 1994. The result of the merger makes Windsor Regional Hospital one of the largest non-teaching hospitals in the province of Ontario.

About SolCom
SolCom has been empowering healthcare providers improve productivity, lower costs and reduce cycle time. Their software and services enable hospitals to automate their processes with flexible workflow management tools. Integration tools by SolCom allow organizations to connect existing systems and ultimately establish a comprehensive, enterprise-wide solutions. SolCom has offices in Maryland, Michigan, Texas and New Mexico and is headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Additional information can be found at