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Nova Scotia to license Nightingale applications

TORONTO – Nightingale Informatix Corp. and the Nova Scotia Department of Health have entered into an agreement to license Nightingale’s web-based Enterprise Practice Management and Electronic Medical Record (“EMR”) system in Nova Scotia.

The Nova Scotia agreement will help physicians and other healthcare providers in the province automate their practices to enhance patient care. Nightingale was chosen as the exclusive application service provider (“ASP”) to the DOH and one of two local client server solutions.

Under the terms of the agreement, Nova Scotia will sub-license and provide assistance to primary care providers to use the Nightingale software solutions.

Furthermore, Nova Scotia has purchased and pre-paid for 150 licenses to make available to selected primary healthcare providers. The Nightingale solution will be hosted at the DOH data center in Halifax, which will also provide customer support to its users.

The province-wide implementation of EMR for primary healthcare is a key strategy for Nova Scotia’s department of health. The primary healthcare information management (“PHIM”) program will start with 150 primary healthcare providers this year, with the potential to grow throughout the province.

The PHIM program is a voluntary program created to improve primary healthcare by adopting enhanced ways of managing primary healthcare information.

The patient centric approach of the project will allow primary healthcare providers to access patient clinical information in real time, a key component of enhanced patient care.

Nova Scotia undertook a rigorous evaluation effort, through a public RFP process; technical and clinical committees concluded that the Nightingale system is best suited for primary healthcare providers, due to its rich functionality and ease of use.

“The Department of Health has taken a leadership role in accelerating the adoption of technology to improve patient care,” said Sam Chebib (pictured at left), CEO of Nightingale. “This agreement will provide primary healthcare providers with the tools they need to automate their medical practices, and provide patients, physicians and other qualified healthcare providers access to real-time medical information in a secure environment.

“We believe that there are significant strategic benefits to this important agreement” continued Chebib. “The successful wide-scale implementation of the Nightingale system will demonstrate the true benefits of information technology implementations in primary healthcare and further validates the technological advancement and leadership position of Nightingale’s solutions. The DOH and Nightingale will be working diligently to insure the success of this voluntary province-wide initiative”.

The financial terms of the multi year Nova Scotia agreement, in addition to the licensing elements, also include ongoing compensation for support and maintenance and other training and implementation services.

The DOH and Nightingale also entered into a number of other agreements to provide an e-Learning product and other technical services.

About Nightingale Informatix Corp.
Nightingale ( is Canada’s largest application service provider of web-based practice and clinical management solutions to the healthcare industry, the company said. Nightingale’s Enterprise Practice Management and EMR are delivered through a secure environment capable of managing multiple physical locations in real-time. Nightingale’s suite of products offer Canadian and United States physicians leading edge functionality for patient scheduling, resource scheduling, billing, claims processing, work flow tools, clinical documentation, laboratory interfaces, document management and patient portals, and other real-time patient services. OpenX Technologies and VisionMD are wholly owned subsidiaries of Nightingale. Nightingale services customers in every province in Canada.