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Electronic health records

MediSolution to supply community care system to Calgary Health Region

CALGARY – MediSolution, of Montreal, in partnership with In4tek, announced it has been awarded an enterprise-wide contract with the Calgary Health Region for the implementation of PARIS, a Community Care Information System.

PARIS, a fully integrated electronic Community Health solution, will improve the efficiency and quality of patient care while providing the ability to uniquely identify clients and track their case history throughout the entire care system.

The contract is estimated to generate revenues in excess of $2.5 million in licenses and other services and will be implemented over the next 2 years.

The initial phase of the implementation will deliver industry leading Home Care, Transition Services and Long Term Care functionality to the Calgary Health Region. Future phases of the project will provide enhanced service delivery support for Community Mental Health, Communicable Disease Control, Palliative Care, Seniors Health and Public Health.

Anticipated benefits of the PARIS system implementation include:

• Improved timeliness of care. Broad access to key data will assist care providers with decision-making.

• Better access to appropriate clinical decision-support tools at the point of care.

• Improved patient satisfaction due to better continuity of care information across multiple care provider teams.

“The PARIS system will form an integral part of the Electronic Health Record foundation within the Calgary Health Region. PARIS will be at the core of the Region’s community care strategy and will provide us with a common platform for processes and data management,”said Bill Trafford, vice president, advanced technology, Calgary Health Region.

“MediSolution is delighted to be working with the Calgary Health Region to deliver their Community Care vision” said Allan Lin, president and chief executive officer at MediSolution. “This agreement builds on a strong relationship that has been in place for many years, and we are committed to delivering another high quality implementation in the Calgary Health Region.”

About Calgary Health Region
The Calgary Health Region is an integrated, publicly funded health care system serving a population of more than one million people in Calgary and the surrounding communities in the province of Alberta, Canada. The Region operates three urban adult hospitals and one paediatric hospital in Calgary as well as several community hospitals in satellite communities around the city, comprising more than 1,800 acute care beds. The Region provides a full range of acute care services as well as mental health, public health and long term care health services. For more information, visit

About MediSolution
MediSolution (TSX:MSH) is a leading healthcare and public sector information technology company, providing software, solutions and services to customers across North America. More than 500 hospitals and other healthcare facilities as well close to 200 public sector or government related organizations rely on MediSolution’s systems to maximize their operational efficiencies, lower their costs, and improve the delivery of services.