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Patient safety

CPSI announces new organizational structure

EDMONTON – Hugh B. MacLeod (pictured), Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, is pleased to announce a new organizational structure that is designed to support the CPSI’s mandate of promoting safe care.

The CPSI is aligning its priorities with provincial, territorial and national policy. It aims to be a responsive, agile and selective organization driven by whatever it takes to help its partners make healthcare safer.

To bridge CPSI activities with its flagship program – Safer Healthcare Now! (SHN), the organization has appointed four regional leads, each with additional national responsibilities.

• Theresa Fillatre, former SHN Node Leader, will assume CPSI regional lead for the Atlantic provinces, as well as national lead for Safer Healthcare Now!

• Paula Blackstien-Hirsch, Executive Director of the Centre for Healthcare Quality Improvement at the Change Foundation until March 31st, 2011, will assume the CPSI regional lead for Ontario, and the national lead for new product lines.

• Paula Beard will be CPSI regional lead for the Western provinces and will be the national lead for CPSI initiatives related to supporting others with the success of recognizing, responding to and reducing patient safety incidents.

• Markirit Armutlu will continue as the CPSI and SHN regional lead for Quebec, maintaining the National Leadership for French language programs and teams.

Laurel Taylor, former Executive Director of CPSI, will assume the role of Chief Operations Officer, CPSI. In addition, through her Ottawa-based team, Laurel will have the national lead on Effective Governance for Quality and Patient Safety, Patient Safety Education Project – Canada, Simulation, Patient Safety Competencies, Research, and regional lead for the Territories.

In ensuring all that CPSI does is a must see – must read moment, Cecilia Bloxom will continue her role as Director of Communications for CPSI and with her team will be the national lead for Canadian Patient Safety Week, Canada’s Virtual Forum on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement, The Improving Care Search Centre and the Improving Care Library.

To further develop CPSI’s co-investment opportunities and formal alliances, Robert Vandervelde, former Manager of Finance, will become Director of Finance and Business Development. Robert will also co-lead the development and maintenance of the CPSI Balanced Scorecard.

In addition to his role as Chief Executive Officer, Hugh MacLeod will be active on the Medication Reconciliation file. Leading this important initiative will be Marie Owen as Medication Reconciliation Lead – Canada.

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Posted March 24, 2011