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Telus acquires Courtyard, launches new consulting service

By Dave Wattling

As you know Telus Health Solutions has created a new organization: Transformation Services. But you probably donít know why. Let us enlighten you!

The consultants in Transformation Services will offer independent consulting and services to health authorities, governments, large integrated providers and clinicians across Canada and the U.S. The teamís expert and focused advice enables the healthcare systemís transformation agenda through such services as strategic planning, project management, change management, clinician engagement, data analytics, and evaluation.

The Transformation Services team, led by myself and Michael Guerriere, includes doctors, pharmacists, technologists, industrial engineers, hospital management and other experts from the former Courtyard Group whose ultimate objective is improving healthcare for patients across North America.

With a sole focus on healthcare, the team directs its energies to very specific domains in which they can make a difference. Areas such as drug information systems and ePrescribing, data integration and analytics for clinical and system improvement, eReferral and capacity optimization, and clinical informatics.

One early success occurred when the team devised a chronic disease registry for the largest municipally operated integrated healthcare delivery system in the United States. Having recently implemented the data warehouse, the team looked for a way to demonstrate clinical value. That manifested itself in a registry that pulled data together from multiple sources on patients with chronic illness. By presenting a disease-specific view of patient data, clinicians were better able to manage chronic diseases.

Following this, the team developed chronic disease strategies for two Canadian provinces, focused on diabetes. The teamís ability to analyze the situation, provide an effective strategy, help negotiate funding and manage the implementation produced savings for the governments. Thanks to the initiative of our clinicians, they helped three different jurisdictions better manage their diabetic populations. In turn the consulting team was able to see clearly how they were truly making a difference to the lives of North Americans.

The addition of the new team to THFS is mutually beneficial. Pure consulting firms have limitations to the service they can provide. As an integral part of Telus Health Solutions, the Transformation Services team is able to provide an end-to-end service to clients Ė one that includes the change management and clinician engagement necessary for healthcare organizations to realize full value from their investments.

For more information about how TELUS Health Transformation Services can help you accelerate and achieve your transformation goals contact:

Posted March 10, 2011