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Security innovator launches healthcare unit

VICTORIA, B.C. – PresiNET Systems Inc., a network management and security compliance specialist, has announced the launch of an affiliate company called PresiNET Healthcare Marketing Inc. The new outfit will address the rapidly developing demands for privacy and security of personal health information.

PresiNET Healthcare will focus on the unique needs of the healthcare market to provide Privacy Assurance, Regulatory Compliance, Business Intelligence and Network Management through a comprehensive family of products focused on Health Network Surveillance.

“With more and more personal health information being stored digitally, data breaches remain a constant threat at healthcare institutions,” said Jo Surich (pictured), President of PresiNET Systems. “These breaches threaten patient privacy and place healthcare providers at risk for expensive litigation”.

PresiNET Healthcare is set to launch a family of products to meet North American regulatory compliance laws and guidelines, as well as to provide important business intelligence analytics for real-time performance monitoring of key indicators.

PresiNET Healthcare’s family of scalable products cover the privacy and security requirements of small clinics to large enterprises. Automated and configurable reporting systems will drive costs down for required compliance and risk assessment reporting. They will also enable organizations to more effectively manage and maintain privacy of their own health information.

In too many facilities, Surich explained, the focus is on building impressive-looking barriers and then hoping for the best. “Everybody builds big fortresses, you put in the firewalls, you put in the intrusion detection, you feel very secure. You have a castle with a moat around it but, what is being observed is that most threats are actually coming from inside.”

The PresiNet system allows monitoring of usage inside the network in such a manner that possible security breaches can be spotted – thereby alerting management of the need to take action. In many facilities, only random audits well after the fact can detect such intrusions; in most cases, the audits are never conducted.

Growth in personal health information security is being driven by the worldwide development of Electronic Health Records, funded in part by local and federal initiatives – such as Canada Health Infoway and the American ARRA. Both countries share the goal to have the majority of all patients using an Electronic Health Record by 2015.

It has been widely reported that in 2010 privacy breaches cost a typical health organization up to $2 million dollars annually, yet the vast majority of health delivery institutions today have inadequate security controls in place to protect their information.

About PresiNET Healthcare
Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Victoria, BC, with offices in Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo, PresiNET Systems is a global provider of premium Network Intelligence technologies. PresiNET’s TOTAL VIEW products provide an enterprise class suite of network management tools, tracking bandwidth and connections to provide clear reports and investigative tools so that performance issues, unauthorized network use and rogue applications are no longer a threat.
PresiNET’s focus is on providing tools and technologies that are easy to use, easy to understand, and promote the health, efficiency, and security of your network. TOTAL VIEW ONE is available in a variety of platforms that scale from the small business to the large enterprise. For more information about PresiNET Healthcare, or the benefits of comprehensive Health Network Surveillance, please contact Mr. Jo Surich, President, PresiNET Systems at or visit

Posted January 13, 2011