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Ontario region reports on home monitoring

TORONTO – Biosign Technologies, a health monitoring technology company, and We Care Health Services LP, a national Canadian homecare company, announced the release of the 2010 Re-ACT report.

The Remote Access to Care Technology, (Re-ACT) program is an Aging at Home initiative that is funded by the North Simcoe Muskoka Local Health Integration Network (NSM LHIN) and supported by a partnership with NSM Community Care Access Centre (CCAC), We Care Home Health Services, and Biosign utilizing the Healthanywhere solution.

A key focus of the NSM LHIN is to implement strategies that help alleviate Emergency Room (ER) visits, prevent hospitalizations and prevent Alternate Level of Care beds (ALC). Re-ACT has proven to meet these expectations and more. The highlights are:

1. 96% of clients are able to be maintained in their homes

2. 92% of clients are better informed about managing their chronic health conditions, are able to self-identify and problem-solve

3. 92% of clients know what signs and symptoms to look for and when to make an appointment with their doctor

4. 68% of clients believe that their home is safer than before being on the program

5. 80% of clients feel that they will be able to stay in their home longer than before Re- ACT

Using Healthanywhere technology, Re-ACT connects seniors living with chronic disease(s) to a Registered Nurse who monitors their vital signs remotely and encourages medication compliance, while providing assessment of vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, blood glucose, weight and blood oxygen), information about managing their chronic condition and adjustments to their care plan.

This service is operated from We Care’s Monitoring Centre in Barrie, Ontario during regular business hours. The nurse to client ratio of the Re-ACT Program is 1:250. A goal of the Re- ACT program is to help individuals develop skills for healthy living and managing their chronic condition.

The program emphasizes the individual and family’s role in their healthcare and encourages them to be an integral member of their healthcare team. It also engages them in decision-making, goal-setting, care-planning and provides access to education programs and health information. We Care successfully showcased Re-ACT at The Canadian Homecare Association conference, Banff 2009, Ontario Gerontology Association conference, Toronto 2009, Community Health Nurses’ conference, Calgary 2009 and eHealth Summit, Gravenhurst, 2010.

About Biosign Technologies Inc.
Biosign Technologies Inc. provides biomedical systems. Key applications include intelligent systems for noninvasive monitoring of common health risks associated with blood pressure, glucose, and medication. The core technology combines measurement, analysis, and rapid knowledge formation to support health monitoring across global markets. The UFIT medical device technology powers quality data collection and analytics for clinical diagnostics, self-care, wellness, disease state evaluation & management, and remote patient monitoring. For more information on Biosign, please visit

About We Care Health Services LP
We Care Health Services a leading national provider of in-home care and support services with over 50 locations across Canada, provides professional and compassionate care that allows seniors and others to live independently in the comfort of their own homes. We Care employs 3,000 homecare staff and provides care in over 800 communities across Canada.

Posted December 16, 2010