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Surgical technologies

French robotics company sets up shop in Montreal

MONTREAL – French company Medtech, which specializes in the design of surgical assistive robots, has set up operations in Greater Montréal to develop its North American activities. The new entity – Medtech Innovative Surgical Technology Inc. – benefits from the assistance of Montréal International to establish itself in the Montréal metropolitan region, and plans to hire about 10 people over the next two years.

Established in July 2002, Medtech designs, manufactures and markets innovative surgical assistive technologies for medical procedures, contributing to the implementation of safer, more effective and less invasive procedures.

Medtech developed its first robot, BRIGIT, to assist with orthopaedic surgery, followed by its ROSA device, dedicated to neurosurgical procedures. Seven hospitals in France and elsewhere in Europe have already adopted ROSA. Cleveland Clinic and the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke (CHUS) are recent adopters of the ROSA device.

“By opening a location in Greater Montréal, Medtech seeks to pursue its commercial development at the international level. Our company plans to set up a distribution and support network for Québec hospitals in the near term, and intends to extend the network throughout the North American market in the medium term,” said Bertin Nahum, President and Founder of Medtech.

“Québec’s biotechnology sector is known for the quality of its workforce and research, and above all, for the excellence of the companies involved in this strategic economic sector. I am therefore extremely pleased to welcome a new French biotechnology company to Montréal. Medtech’s arrival in Québec is yet another fine example of the cooperation that exists between France and Québec. It is very good news, since the company’s activities align perfectly with our biopharmaceutical strategy,” explained Clément Gignac, Québec Minister of Development, Innovation and Export Trade.

“I am very pleased that Medtech has come to Montréal. This announcement reinforces our status as a city of knowledge, creativity and innovation. The presence of numerous enterprises and the construction of new university hospitals are a testament to the metropolitan region’s dynamism in the field of life sciences. This one sector of the Montréal region’s economy generates some 41,000 jobs,” pointed out Gérald Tremblay, Mayor of Montréal.

“The opening of a Medtech subsidiary in Greater Montréal demonstrates the excellence of the region’s reputation as a centre of higher knowledge in life sciences and health technologies. Medtech’s management plans to work closely with various local players in the field of applied clinical research and looks forward to signing other agreements with Québec hospitals in the near future,” said Jacques St-Laurent, President and CEO of Montréal International.

About Medtech
Medtech designs, manufactures and markets a new generation of surgical assistive technologies for medical procedures contributing to the implementation of safer, more effective and less invasive procedures. The fruit of more than a decade of experience of its management team in various surgical specialties, Medtech began with the development of its first surgical robot BRIGIT, which was sold in 2006 to Zimmer Inc., a world leader in orthopaedic surgery. With its ROSA device, Medtech continues to offer a new generation of assistive technology for neurosurgical procedures. For more information, go to

About Montréal International
Montréal International (MI) was created in 1996 as a result of a private/public partnership. Its mission is to contribute to the economic development of metropolitan Montréal and to enhance its international status. Its mandates include attracting foreign investment, international organizations and qualified foreign workers, as well as promoting the competitive and international environment of Greater Montréal. Montréal International is funded by the private sector, the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal (Montréal Metropolitan Community), the City of Montréal and the Governments of Canada and Québec. Since its creation, Montréal International has helped to attract more than $7.5 billion in foreign investment to Greater Montréal. From these investments, more than 43,000 jobs have been created or maintained. To date, MI’s activities have also allowed almost half of the 70 international organizations to establish themselves in the city and attract more than 4,000 qualified foreign workers. To learn more, please visit MI Web site at:

Posted December 2, 2010