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Agfa enters healthcare kiosk market

TORONTO – Agfa HealthCare, a leading provider of diagnostic imaging and healthcare IT solutions, has announced the Impax Kiosk, a workflow improvement solution.

According to the company, Impax Kiosk is an interactive system that enables patients to register with and check-in to hospital services without going through the traditional administration desks.

“For the patients, traditional check-in means waiting in a line before being afforded the opportunity to be personally checked-in by a receptionist. This can take 15 minutes or more,” said Sarah Muckler, Senior Marketing Manager for Agfa HealthCare. “With Impax Kiosk, we can reduce the check-in process time to five minutes.”

This both increases the patients’ satisfaction, and frees the administrative staff to focus on their core responsibilities.

The system is said to be intuitive and easy for patients to use. The patients identify themselves directly on Impax Kiosk, view and confirm demographic and insurance information, and electronically sign consent documents.

Impax Kiosk includes multi-language options; clinic messaging of important announcements to all patients; and personalized messaging, for example, if a specific patient is due for a blood pressure check. For optimum security, the patient data is not held in Impax Kiosk itself, and a privacy filter can be added that prevents others from viewing the screen.

“Healthcare facilities must continually improve the delivery of patient care. With Impax Kiosk, patients can quickly and easily review their key data and make up to-the-minute changes,” Muckler said. “The solution not only improves the ability to identify patients easily and allow for electronic signature, but also helps reduce the likelihood of data entry errors, contributing to up-to-date, accurate and complete patient records.”

Impax Kiosk is fully integrated into Agfa HealthCare’s Impax radiology information system (RIS), which allows for real-time updates of patient status. It also easily integrates within external systems, with minimal implementation work and no programming.

Additional Impax Kiosk features can include: a 19” touch screen with privacy filter for confidential patient transactions; integrated biometric fingerprint reader enabling accurate patient identification; integrated credit card reader, signature pad and receipt printer; and, an integrated scanner for scanning insurance cards or driver’s licenses.

To develop the solution, Agfa HealthCare collaborated with HealthAsyst Pvt. Limited, a leader in information technology consulting and software management solutions to the healthcare industry.

Posted November 4, 2010