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Scottish vendor selected for eHealth Ontario project

GLASGOW, UK – AxSys Technology (AxSys), a provider of patient-centric clinical information solutions, has been selected as the key software solution provider for Ontario’s upcoming chronic disease management system.

Earlier this year, eHealth Ontario, an agency of the Government of Ontario, awarded a $46.2 million contract to CGI Group Inc. for the development of a new chronic disease management system (CDMS). The CDMS will initially focus on diabetes, which affects more than one million people in Ontario. The solution will operate on AxSys Technology’s innovative Excelicare platform.

Lead contractor for the project, CGI, a leading global provider of IT and business process services with 31,000 employees, competed against other world leading healthcare IT providers to win the six-year contract and selected AxSys as its preferred partner, based on the company’s expertise and proven track record in delivering effective healthcare software solutions.

CGI will design, build, implement and manage the province-wide chronic disease management system and portal which will be used initially to improve care for patients with diabetes, a top clinical priority for eHealth Ontario.
Doug McCuaig (pictured), President, CGI Canada commented: “It became quickly apparent to us that AxSys, with its 10 years plus experience, had developed solutions that had a deep understanding of what clinicians and patients really need. Their passion and commitment to healthcare IT also impressed us and, facing such a rigorous evaluation process, we had to be confident the software platform we selected was solid and could stand up to scrutiny.
“As Excelicare is now being used by some of the world’s leading healthcare providers, AxSys could clearly demonstrate the broad range of advantages it could offer,” McCuaig added.
The creation of the CDMS-Diabetes reflects the number of Ontarians with diabetes; there are now more than one million – a total which has doubled over the last 10 years. The aim, therefore, is to manage diabetes treatment and care effectively and economically, and to prevent the related heart attacks, blindness and amputations.

The CDMS-Diabetes will be an interactive, real-time information tool to develop care plans and monitor clinical results to improve treatment.

The system will build on eHealth Ontario’s provincial identification and access systems infrastructure to ensure the secure identification of patients, providers and relevant diabetes healthcare services, based on common informatics standards and access technology.
Through the new system, providers will be able to manage the care of patients with diabetes according to recommended guidelines, securely receive data from sources such as Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) claims and laboratory test results and produce reminders, alerts and reports to help improve the quality and safety of patient care.
Dr Pradeep Ramayya, AxSys Technology co-founder and CEO, said: “This is a ground-breaking achievement for AxSys to have been selected as the clinical software solutions provider for this important Canadian eHealthcare project. It clearly demonstrates the power, flexibility and scalability of our Excelicare platform.
“The development of Ontario’s CDMS will mark a great step forward for the management of chronic disease in the province, enabling significant improvements to be achieved in the quality of services and real benefits to be delivered to patients.  Excelicare is tailor-made for this type of project; it is specifically designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and to support them by enabling standards of care to be enhanced.
“Our success in being selected as the clinical software solutions provider for the Ontario contract follows hot on the heels of our other recent overseas contract wins, including Santa Clara County Independent Physician Association (SCCIPA) – California’s largest independent healthcare network, North American Medical Management (NAMM) – also in California, and MSO in Puerto Rico. 
“All of these contracts demonstrate that our Excelicare platform is increasingly being recognized as an ideal clinical software platform for a wide and diverse range of international healthcare providers and clinical environments. Our global client base is expanding and our aim is to continue to grow it in order to benefit as many healthcare providers and patients throughout the world as possible.”
About AxSys Technology
AxSys Technology specializes in the development and implementation of clinical solutions to improve and coordinate the delivery of healthcare. All AxSys solutions are patient-centric and are designed with a clinical perspective to directly benefit patients and healthcare providers. AxSys was set up by experienced doctors who recognized the benefits of the Collaborative Care model in their own clinical practice and realized that a flexible communication-oriented clinical information system would be a key element in its successful delivery. The company, registered in Scotland and based in Glasgow, started operations in January 2000. AxSys has 38 employees at its Glasgow base and is currently recruiting additional staff. It has an offshore development centre in Hyderabad, India, where it employs more than 160 staff. For further information on AxSys Technology, visit or
About eHealth Ontario  
eHealth Ontario is the provincial agency charged with harnessing information technology and innovation to improve patient care, safety and access in support of the Ontario government’s provincial health strategy. For more information visit

Posted October 21, 2010