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Diagnostic imaging

Medisys clinics opt for IMIX DR systems

MONTREAL – Medisys Health Group Inc., one of Canada’s leading providers of healthcare services with 18 advanced imaging centres nationwide, is upgrading three of its facilities to the IMIX PanoRad digital radiography system. IMIX Americas Inc. is based in Sterling, Va.

Key considerations included image quality, technical stability, compact design, affordability and service. The IMIX PanoRad DR system includes a CCD-based direct digital detector and a multi-axis positioning device.

Dr. David Gianfelice (pictured), Vice-President and Chief of Medical Imaging for Medisys, said: “After careful evaluation of CR and DR systems from several major providers, the IMIX PanoRad proved to be the best value in state-of-the-art x-ray.”

He added, “The IMIX system met all of our specifications without requiring us to raise our ceiling heights, which would have added substantially to our costs.”

The three sites are:
• Northwest Imaging Services, Toronto
• Niagara Diagnostic Imaging Centre, St Catharines, Ont.
• Toronto Radiologist Service (TRS), Toronto

“IMIX’s generous warranty and commitment to the long-term success of their DR installations was another important factor for Medisys,” said IMIX sales agent Michael Lies, whose company, Medical Advantages Inc. in Pittsburgh, Penn., has been doing business with Medisys for seven years. “Our experience in providing state-of-the-art medical technology to physicians and medical centers, and our partnership with IMIX Anchor Dealer, CanMed, for after-sale support allow us to provide Medisys with unparalleled quality in project planning, installation, account management and service.”

The IMIX PanoRad is a versatile digital radiography system that is designed to meet high-volume requirements of a busy imaging department within the smallest space constraints. The PanoRad includes the IMIX Horizon high-resolution CCD detector, ScanX2 image acquisition software, X-Ray generator, X-ray tube, collimator and table.

Its automated multi-axis positioning system operates in rooms with ceiling heights as low as eight feet. According to IMIX Americas VP of Sales, Carlos Cabral, “The Medisys purchase of three PanoRad DR systems was based on more than great equipment, but also on the expertise, reputation and professionalism of the IMIX dealers who implement and service their account.

IMIX sales agents and anchor dealers work cooperatively to ensure that Medisys achieves the best possible results from their IMIX DR systems.”

The IMIX PanoRad (SU1000) is fully Health Canada approved.

About Medisys Health Group Inc.
Medisys Health Group is a total healthcare solutions provider. Combining professional expertise with technological sophistication, Medisys works hand-in-hand with more than 4,000 corporate clients on the development of customized, comprehensive health management strategies. In addition to executive health, employee health management, independent medical assessments and medical imaging services (ex. MRI, CT), Medisys provides health-related underwriting services to insurance companies. Founded on the objective of putting service back into healthcare, Medisys aims to set a new standard in the field of healthcare management. For more information about Medisys, please visit

About Medical Advantages Inc.
Medical Advantages specializes in sales, installation and training of both new and pre-owned diagnostic imaging systems. Founded in 2002, Medical Advantages works closely with each client to understand their diagnostic imaging needs and determine the most suitable modality to meet their technical and budgetary requirements. Medical Advantages is an authorized IMIX distributor. For more information, please visit

About IMIX Americas Inc.
IMIX Americas, located in Sterling, VA, provides complete, integrated digital radiography systems that meet clinical needs for high image quality, affordability, reliability, efficient workflow, and overall value. IMIX’s fully interoperable products include CCD detectors with very high image quality and reliability. In addition, IMIX offers bucky-mounted, tethered and wireless cassette TFT detectors for applications that require a thinner profile and positioning flexibility. The company manufactures industry-leading positioning devices, stands, tables, generators and software, which are fully integrated with its detector technology. IMIX systems are FDA approved and are configured, staged, and tested in IMIX facilities. IMIX Americas provides system sales through distributors and service organizations across North America and Latin America for use in hospitals, clinics, imaging centers and private practices of all sizes. For more information about IMIX, please visit

Posted September 23, 2010