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New Brunswick’s health info laws to start in September

FREDERICTON – Legislation governing how personal health information is collected, used and shared in New Brunswick will take effect September 1, Health Minister Mary Schryer (pictured) announced. Among other things, the act will ensure that residents of the province have the right to access and correct their own health records.

The Personal Health Information Privacy and Access Act defines the responsibilities of individuals and organizations collecting, maintaining and using personal-health information for the purposes of delivering health services.

“We must ensure we have a suitable regulatory and legislative framework to ensure responsible stewardship of our residents’ most private information – their health information,” said Schryer. “This legislation also fulfils commitments we made in Transforming New Brunswick’s Health-care System: The Provincial Health Plan 2008-2012, to ensure that the privacy and security of personal health information continues to be safeguarded.”

The legislation also:

• defines how personal health information is collected, protected, used and disclosed;

• requires consent to collect, use or disclose personal health information;

• ensures individuals have rights to obtain access to and correct their personal health information; and

• provides an objective means to review and resolve individuals’ concerns about how their personal health information was handled.

The Personal Health Information Privacy and Access Act was introduced in the legislative assembly in May 2009 after the Personal Health Information Task Force held public consultations.

“The consultations we held with health officials, stakeholders and the public were helpful in putting this legislation together – to assure that all New Brunswickers will continue to be protected,” said Schryer.

More information is on the Department of Health website.

Posted August 26, 2010