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Medical imaging

Agfa to install enterprise data centre at HDIRS

TORONTO – Agfa HealthCare, a leading provider of diagnostic imaging and healthcare IT solutions, announced that it will be installing its Impax Data Centre 2.0 at Hospital Diagnostic Imaging Repository Services (HDIRS) in Toronto.

Impax Data Centre is a scalable and fault-tolerant medical imaging repository designed to store clinical DICOM data objects, including medical images, waveforms, structured reports and PDFs. It consolidates imaging data of departmental clinical information systems, including disparate PACS systems, catering to the imaging management needs of an enterprise and serving as a unified repository for large, multi-site and multi-facility healthcare domains.

Impax Data Centre 2.0 will facilitate automatic study synchronization between HDIRS’s Impax spoke facilities and its Impax Data Centre hub. This feature will automatically propagate structural study changes such as study split, merge, image deletion and metadata changes made at the originating spoke to the data center.

This is in addition to its HL7 (Inbound) support for Patient and Study update messages: to handle patient and study updates from third party PACS/RIS.

This second release also further expands the capability with support for:

• IHE Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS): to facilitate imaging data exchange within an XDS infrastructure, Impax Data Centre 2.0 includes the support for the following IHE actors: XDS Repository, XDS-I Imaging Document Source and XDS-I Imaging Document Consumer (proxy)

• Disaster Recovery (DR) support for Active-Active configuration: to provide a DR solution with application level replication.

“As a regional DIR service, Impax Data Centre 2.0 is of interest to HDIRS for a number of reasons. Impax Data Centre 2.0 will provide important functionality to facilitate data sharing among our members, which is important in our multi-vendor environment.

“It will also provide a platform that is scalable to support our future growth within diagnostic imaging as we approach 2,000,000 exams/year. Equally important for the future, Impax Data Centre 2.0 will allow us to expand the services we provide to our members outside the traditional diagnostic imaging space to areas such as pathology and ophthalmology,” said Pat Ryan, General Manager of HDIRS.

“Agfa HealthCare is proud to have HDIRS as a strategic partner and is committed to help them to meet their goals of deployment in line with the Canada Health Infoway blueprint. The implementation of Impax Data Centre 2.0 is the next crucial step on the road towards that goal,” said Michael Green, President & CEO, North American Region.

About Agfa HealthCare
Agfa HealthCare, a member of the Agfa-Gevaert Group, is a leading global provider of diagnostic imaging and healthcare IT solutions. The company has nearly a century of healthcare experience and has been a pioneer on the healthcare IT market since the early 1990s. Today Agfa HealthCare designs, develops and delivers state-of-the-art systems for capturing, managing and processing diagnostic images and clinical/administrative information for hospitals and healthcare facilities, as well as contrast media solutions to enable effective medical imaging results. For more information on Agfa HealthCare, please visit or

Posted July 29, 2010