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NB healthcare centres to use Onsight solution

FREDERICTON, N.B. – FacilicorpNB, a public sector agency in New Brunswick that manages shared services for the healthcare system, has selected the Onsight Mobile Collaboration system to improve patient care. Onsight, from Winnipeg-based Librestream, allows remote access to specialists using wireless mobile video devices and expert desktop software.

“With Librestream’s Onsight system, our main focus is to assess a patient’s home before being released from rehabilitation, but there are many additional applications such as wound care,” said Darren McKinnon, CET, Clinical Engineering, FacilicorpNB. “In these applications, Onsight will help us reduce the need for staff and patients to travel far distances to consult with a specialist.”

Lise Bleau, rehab specialist at The Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation added that, “The Stan Cassidy Centre is the only neurological rehabilitation centre for New Brunswick. This means that our staff travels throughout the whole province to provide care. As well, our patients and their local circle of care such as therapists, family members or school staff, also have to travel to Fredericton, which can mean a four hour drive. With the Onsight cameras, we will be able to provide recommendations without having to travel.”

Onsight has already been used at FacilicorpNB in a variety of applications, such as the repair of an Operating Room anesthesia machine that was needed to perform surgeries. Fixing the problem required an expert, but the closest expert was 135 kms away in another hospital.

McKinnon explained, “We called the expert using our Onsight camera and he walked us through the repair remotely. We then brought in the OR nurse and he watched her go through the safety checks again to make sure it worked. This all happened in just 20 minutes. It was fantastic, as we had three surgeries lined up. Nobody was delayed at all.”

“FacilicorpNB is an excellent example of an innovator in the delivery of more effective, higher quality healthcare to constituents. We are pleased to have them as a customer and to have Onsight included as one of the tools that will help them achieve their healthcare mandate,” said Mark Ahrens-Townsend, EVP Business Development, Librestream.

For more information, visit to hear Librestream’s telehealth customers share their experiences with the Onsight mobile telehealth solution.

About FacilicorpNB
Created in March 2008, FacilicorpNB is a public sector agency in New Brunswick (Canada) managing shared services for the healthcare system. The mandate is to provide safe, cost-effective and innovative support services to Regional Health Authorities in New Brunswick. The services include Materials Management, Clinical Engineering, Information Technology and Telecommunications services, and management of Fundy Linen in Saint John.

About Onsight
The patented Onsight solution can connect you to suppliers, team members, patients, or other healthcare providers in an instant and drive collaboration with live video, two-way audio and two-way telestration. Using Onsight, healthcare providers have improved the quality of care and increased their productivity with improved access to expertise.

About Librestream
Librestream Technologies Inc. is the leader in developing innovative mobile collaboration solutions. With its patented Onsight solution, Librestream extends traditional video conferencing and collaboration services to connect workers from any location at any time - This Changes Everything. To learn more about the company, its products and services visit the website at

Posted July 15, 2010