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Three-way alliance struck for community care systems

MONTREAL – MediSolution, in4tek Ltd. and DeltaWare Systems Inc., have announced the formation of a marketing alliance that will position in4tek’s PARIS product as MediSolution’s preferred Community-Care Information System (CCIS).

In a three-way alliance, MediSolution will distribute the in4tek PARIS product and complementary services provided by DeltaWare, an existing in4tek business partner. The alliance is initially in the Province of Alberta.

in4tek is the leading supplier of person-centered community information systems in the United Kingdom (U.K.), and has operated in the Community Care sector for over 18 years.

The PARIS product is being successfully deployed across the UK and Canada. The marketing alliance which comprises In4tek, a UK based company, MediSolution and DeltaWare will improve both the presence and deployment capability of the PARIS product in the Canadian market place, the partners said.

DeltaWare already undertakes localization and implementation services for the PARIS product in Canada. For its part, MediSolution has a strong presence, with over 30 years experience in Canadian healthcare technology and integration.

PARIS has been designed in partnership with health and social services to support the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of the care delivery process. PARIS provides single source access to all that is known about a patient, and according to In4tek, it has been designed to enable information sharing.

It has inherent flexibility to adapt to clinical policy changes, allowing customers to respond more quickly. PARIS has the ability to record meaningful clinical information thus providing an essential management tool. User definable assessments mean that current manual forms can be replicated electronically, which results in easy collation of data to produce clinical and management information quickly and accurately.

On another MediSolution related matter, MediSolution announced that the Quebec Ministry of Health has extended its contract on the Blood Bank project to include additional product development, installation of complimentary modules and professional services.

This new contract, worth over $1 million, will be implemented across all 85 hospitals in Quebec by end of 2005.

This contract will provide the customer with multiple benefits stemming from over 40 new Blood Bank functionality enhancements. The purpose of the original Blood Bank project was to manage patient files and to manage blood and blood derivatives. The solution kept a history of all products that are linked to a patient and tracked details of blood products from receipt to end of life for ensuring complete traceability.

“The new modules of this project will deliver greatly enhanced functionality for the Blood Bank,” said Dr. Ann Fortin, Coordinator of Blood Services,Secretariat for the Ministry of Health. “We have enjoyed working with MediSolution for the past four years and we look forward to continuing the relationship as we deliver increased efficiency and effectiveness to the province.”

Additional features will include increased security, optimized management of blood and blood derivatives, as well as supply chain management.

MediSolution is a leading healthcare information technology company, providing software, solutions and services to healthcare customers across North America. More than 500 hospitals, home care facilities and other healthcare providers rely on MediSolution’s systems to maximize their operational efficiencies, lower their costs, and improve the delivery of healthcare services.

MediSolution has two operating segments. The Resource Management Systems segment is comprised of administrative software solutions such as human resource management, staff scheduling, payroll processing and financial software. The Healthcare Information Systems segment is comprised of clinical solutions such as patient tracking, electronic patient health records, radiology and laboratory software for hospitals.