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Draeger opens design studio for critical care

TORONTO – Draeger has announced the Canadian launch of custom design solutions for hospital critical-care areas. The company has opened a new design studio where it will work with a hospital’s clinical team, architects, engineers and project planners to design a functional and efficient workplace configuration.

The architectural systems product range includes the most advanced ceiling supply units, workstations and systems specially designed to meet the needs of critical care areas.

Flexible and easily configured for changing requirements, these units bring devices, supplies and lines off the floor and position them at the acute point of care.

The units improve patient access and safety. Through a range of products and flexible modular components, the systems can be configured to ensure adaptability as the acuity levels change within each department.

Using the latest technology and three-dimensional software, Draeger will now be able to assist customers in the design of a custom workplace that follows the existing workflow and helps clinical staff to work more efficiently. Through its new design studio, the company will create a flexible critical care workspace that improves patient care and optimizes equipment management.

“The intensive care and trauma areas require well planned coordination between architects, project planners and clinical staff,” said Jeff Wilding, General Manager, Draeger Medical Canada, Inc.

“With more than 50 years of experience working in this environment, we provide the expertise along with state-of-the art design tools and innovative products to create critical care workplaces for the future,” said Wilding.

Draeger provides a range of products for the hospital environment, including patient monitors, anesthesia management systems, infant care incubators and ventilators. “Through the extension of our portfolio with architectural systems, we now bring our expertise in the hospital environment to the design of critical care workspaces,” Wilding added.

The company’s design studio is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Posted April 22, 2010