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Mike Martineau launches eHealth blog

OTTAWA – eHealth consultant and entrepreneur Michael Martineau (pictured) has launched, a blog that examines issues surrounding the use of electronic health records. The site, found at, provides comment and analysis of current developments.

The blog covers such topics as QHR’s recent move to acquire Clinicare, the results of the Infoway audit, and new funding for physician IT in Ontario.

Commentary on other articles and publications is also included. In a recent posting, Martineau notes: “In his first article on the Canadian eHealth agenda, Bill Pascal suggested that we need to resolve many policy issues. I am going to go further and state that we need to create an organization at the national level charged with creating and driving Canadian eHealth policy. Many other countries, including the US, have created such an organization and their leaders are providing critical leadership and visibility with respect to their country’s eHealth agenda.

“While Infoway is a vital and important component of the Canadian eHealth landscape, it was not intended to be a policy organization. What do other people think? How do we best drive resolving the many policy issues associated with eHealth in Canada. What, in your opinion, are the key policy issues that need to be resolved?”

(Bill Pascal, the Chief Technology Officer for the Canadian Medical Association, published the first in what he plans to be a series of articles on the Canadian eHealth agenda in Health Information Management & Communications Canada – the journal of COACH, the Canadian health informatics association.)

A number of people provided Bill with input and feedback including me. We’d like to solicit input on Bill’s thoughts and suggestions and will use this blog as one vehicle to do so. To stimulate debate we will publish blog posts on various topics related to the Canadian eHealth agenda. You can contribute by either commenting on these posts or by writing posts of your own on which others can comment. If you are interested in publishing a blog post as a guest author please contact:

Posted Nov. 26, 2009