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NB chooses tele-radiology firm to review 30,000 exams

FREDERICTON – The government of New Brunswick has made arrangement for the exams read by a former Grand Falls-area radiologist to be reviewed by Real Time Radiology, a Mississauga, Ont.-based tele-radiology company with diagnostic imaging specialists across the country.

Minister of Health Mary Schryer said the review will encompass an estimated 30,000 exams.

In October, Regional Health Authority (RHA) A announced that it would undertake a review of ultrasounds, chest X-rays, fluoroscopy exams, venograms, Doppler ultrasounds and mammography exams conducted by the former radiologist between 2006 and 2009.

The Horizon Health Network (formerly RHA B) will also be included in the review, because the radiologist also worked in Zone 3 of the health authority in the Plaster Rock, Perth-Andover and Bath areas.

The decision followed an independent audit of 332 exams, which showed that 53 exams (16 percent) required follow up with the patient’s physician.

“This work will be carried out as quickly as possible so that patients may have confidence in the accuracy of their diagnosis,” said Schryer. “Providing these individuals with peace of mind is the highest priority.”

As part of the review, radiology exams will be provided to Real Time Radiology’s headquarters and data centre in Mississauga, Ont., for review by the company’s radiology review team. The review is expected to be completed during the next six months, and it will be funded by the Department of Health.

About Real Time Radiology
Real Time Radiology is now the largest independent group of radiologists practicing tele-radiology in Canada for the benefit of patients, image producers (hospitals, clinics), and radiologists. The company provides a single corporate and technical infrastructure that enables Canadian radiologists nationwide to collectively offer round-the-clock radiology services to image producers. Real Time Radiology makes “Radiology services available, wherever they’re needed, whenever they’re needed”, including overnight reads by Canadian radiologists stationed in other time zones, as well as providing Canadian reading services for countries other than Canada. The company helps radiologists address the “workload”, “wait time” and “equalization of service” imperatives of Canadian Healthcare.

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Posted November 12, 2009