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Sherbrooke blazes web connectivity trail using Misys

SHERBROOKE, Que. – Physicians working across the Sherbrooke region now have secure web access to information systems at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke (CHUS), a 710-bed hospital organization that employs Misys Healthcare’s CPR as its electronic patient record system.

That means referring physicians can quickly find out the results of tests and determine the status of their patients in real-time, instead of waiting days or weeks for information to be phoned, faxed or mailed.

“Physicians can obtain lab results immediately, they can see radiology reports and access the whole patient chart,” said Guy Bujold, Canadian manager for Misys Healthcare. He noted that Sherbrooke is the first Misys site to go live with web access to the hospital CPR, and that the company invested in systems in Sherbrooke to create the prototype for its new web upgrade.

In the first version, the system is ‘view only’, with physicians being able to obtain data but not update it. Subsequent versions will enable doctors to add and modify patient orders, interact with clinical alerts and email, enter clinical documentation, and utilize reminders and workflow tools.

Regional physicians are enthusiastic about the system. “The CPR web upgrade is intuitive and user-friendly – just point and click,” said Dr. Claude Lemoine, a physician at CHUS. “Information is easy to find, with effective visual aids to draw attention to the most significant data.”

Dr. Stephane Tremblay, also a CHUS physician, said, “Misys CPR’s internet access to the hospital-setting information, when away from the hospital, will improve the quality of care. In addition, clinic follow-up of discharged patients will be much easier with access to the most up-to-date information.”

“A CPR Web infrastructure uniquely positions our organization to reach out into the community and bring all of the care providers together,” said Pierre Tetreault, healthcare information systems manager at CHUS. “The new solution is an efficient bridge between the few large public healthcare providers and the many small private clinics in our region. Misys CPR will help CHUS achieve the goal of region-wide healthcare delivery.”

According to Misys, subsequent versions of the system will provide full browser-based applications that support the functions of pharmacists, nurses and other clinicians.

“Misys CPR incorporates a set of data access tools that provides physicians with secure remote access to patient clinical information wherever an internet connection is available,” said Bob Evola, Misys CPR product line director for Misys Healthcare Systems. “The CPR Web toolset helps physicians maintain their mobility and do much more for their patients in less time, allowing them to make time-sensitive treatment decisions.”

Accessible via a browser-based workstation, the new Misys CPR Web capability enables physicians to utilize clinical applications that they need in order to care for patients around the clock. Using an intuitive physician “dashboard”, clinicians have secure access to vital patient information via care grids and a chart browser.

“The new Misys CPR Web release is a thin client application that requires no software to download to a workstation, and is the first in a series of releases that will transform the entire Misys CPR user interface to a browser-based solution,” added Evola. “It is easily deployed and low maintenance, thereby reducing cost of ownership.”

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