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Humber River selects Medisolv for business intelligence

TORONTO – Humber River Regional Hospital announced that it has selected Medisolv Inc. to automate business intelligence and decision support at the 557-bed regional, acute-care Toronto hospital.

Humber River Regional Hospital’s implementation of Medisolv’s business intelligence system was formally kicked off in mid-August 2009. System implementation is expected to be complete by mid November 2009, approximately three months after the initial implementation meeting.

Peter Wegener, Vice President Finance and Information Technology at Humber River Regional Hospital was asked why they chose the Medisolv solution. “We chose Medisolv over other Business Intelligence/Decision Support Platforms because Medisolv offers the most comprehensive solution and the highest ROI for our hospital. Their close relationship with MEDITECH means Humber River Regional staff will benefit from automated data extraction, transfer and load processes, decreasing workload for our staff and resulting in business intelligence across all hospital operations with near real time data.”

The Medisolv system is an enterprise-wide business intelligence/decision support system that spans all areas of hospital operations. The system monitors clinical performance, administrative performance and financial performance across all departments.

In the clinical realm, Medisolv’s system will help Humber River Regional Hospital review utilization, quality, patient safety and clinical throughput in all clinical services. Under administrative performance, the system automates the monitoring of staffing and productivity. Financial performance is monitored by comparing actual expenditures against budget targets in all hospital departments and cost centres.

“Our ability to customize the system according to our future needs was a very important aspect of our decision making at Humber River Regional, because health care priorities are always changing,” Wegener said. “As with anything we do, our ultimate goal is to enhance patient care. Enabling our staff and physicians to access critical decision-making tools, based on more timely data, will allow for faster systems improvement across the care continuum.”

According to the company, Medisolv’s system will help Humber River Regional Hospital automate 80 to 90 percent of their performance monitoring needs and achieve near “real time” business intelligence.

Currently many staff at the hospital are involved in gathering historical data to monitor performance, which is usually one to two months out of date. With Medisolv’s system, data is automatically extracted, transferred and loaded from the hospital health information system into Medisolv’s business intelligence system on a daily basis. Performance Data is then presented daily, in a context that alerts managers to the need for action. The system provides drill down capabilities to help managers determine the best corrective action.

Medisolv’s system will help Humber River Regional Hospital achieve timely business intelligence with a minimum number of internal resources. This is extremely important because healthcare in Ontario has never been busier, with significant demands for information to support internal decision making and regional information sharing – such as reporting wait time data to the LHINS. Humber River Regional Hospital recognized that it needed to automate to better manage information needs. The new solutions was chosen to help automate and respond to internal and external information requirements.

Humber River Regional Hospital
Humber River Regional Hospital is a fully accredited, 557-bed regional acute care hospital located in the north-central part of Toronto. Humber River Regional Hospital provides quality patient care to a diverse urban community within a primary care centre and acute care hospital setting. The Emergency Department staff treated over 91,000 patients last year and Humber’s ambulatory staff cared for more than 201,000 outpatients. Last year Humber River Regional Hospital cared for and discharged 31,607 inpatients. The organization will move to a new digital hospital in late fall of 2014.

Medisolv, Inc.
Medisolv, Inc provides enterprise wide business intelligence, management decision support and quality reporting software solutions to hospitals in the United States and Canada. Medisolv’s software applications are deployed within a hospital’s Healthcare Information System (HIS) and integrate directly with existing data repository technology and data extraction systems. The company’s software applications convert large volumes of existing hospital financial, clinical and operational data into actionable information which is used by hospital managers in real-time to more efficiently analyze and manage their hospital’s performance. Medisolv’s software products reduce the effort and time to produce, manage and distribute clinical, operational and financial reports, which are currently gathered manually. Medisolv is a MEDITECH business partner and is a Microsoft Certified Partner. For more information visit

Posted Sept. 24/09