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Diagnostic imaging

Portable DR systems announced by Canon Canada

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – Canon Canada Inc., a leader in digital imaging technologies, has unveiled two new digital radiography (DR) systems - the Canon CXDI-55G Multipurpose Portable Flat Panel Detector and the Canon CXDI-55C Premium Portable Flat Panel Detector.

“We invite people to witness how our extensive investment in imaging research has produced extraordinary achievements with the introduction of two new portable, flat panel DR solutions,” said Mason Olds, Senior Vice President of Canon Canada’s Imaging Systems Group. “Now more than ever facilities and practices are looking for ways to mainstream their operations without sacrificing quality patient care. The Canon CXDI-55G and CXDI-55C flat panel detectors offer a variety of configuration options to help meet their diverse needs.”

The Canon CXDI-55G and CXDI-55C flat panel detectors are the thinnest flat panel detectors the company has offered to date, just 1.5 centimetres (0.6 inches) thick, the same thickness as a standard film cassette. Offering an effective imaging area of 35.5 x 43 centimetres (14 x 17 inches), both models accommodate a wide variety of locations including skull, spine, chest, abdomen, and extremity examination.

Weighing just 3.4 kilograms (7.5 pounds), the Canon CXDI-55G and CXDI-55C flat panel detectors are light enough for use in trauma centres and Intensive Care Units (ICUs), simple to grip and handle so that both the patient and X-ray technician can comfortably hold it in place during image capture.

The Canon CXDI-55G and CXDI-55C flat panel detectors both feature a detachable sensor cable for time effective transport and simple installation. The detachable sensor cable provides power to the unit and transfers data, and X-ray images can be confirmed on an optional preview monitor virtually immediately after exposure. If another exposure is required, the detector will be ready in seconds due to a fast refresh cycle.

The Canon CXDI-55G and CXDI-55C flat panel detectors offer extensive workflow capabilities, and are compatible enabling seamless data transfer to any DICOM1 device, PACS or RIS for efficient data management, printing, archiving and remote viewing of images. Such workflow efficiency can mean less wait time for patients as well as higher patient throughput and less of a burden on staff.

Canon’s extensive optical imaging heritage has allowed the company to make a significant mark in the medical imaging market, particularly when it comes to high-quality, affordable DR solutions and innovations. With its solid heritage and expertise as a foundation, Canon continues to develop and deliver medical imaging solutions that will support its status as an industry innovator for years to come.

Since 1997, Canon Medical Systems has introduced 14 generations of flat panel sensors including - Canon CXDI-11 Canon CXDI-22, Canon CXDI-31, Canon CXDI-40G, Canon CXDI-50G, Canon CXDI-40C, Canon CXDI-40EG, Canon CXDI-50C, Canon CXDI-40EC, Canon CXDI-60G, CXDI-40G COMPACT, Canon CXDI-55G, Canon CXDI-55C and the Canon CXDI-60C - offering a full range of DR system solutions for various applications.

Canon has installed more than 3,400 DR sensor panels throughout Canada, the United States and Latin America, part of more than 8,900 DR systems that have been installed worldwide by the Canon family of companies.

About Canon Canada Inc.
Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, the company employs 1,400 people at its offices nation-wide, servicing the Canadian market from coast to coast. Innovation and cutting-edge technology have been essential ingredients in Canon’s success. Canon’s leadership in imaging, optical and document management technology and solutions is based in large part on the thousands of patents the company has secured throughout its history. For the 16th consecutive year, Canon Inc. is among the top three US patent recipients. The company’s comprehensive product line includes networked multifunction devices; digital copiers (colour and black and white); printers, scanners, image filing systems and facsimile machines; calculators, digital camcorders, digital and analogue cameras and lenses; semiconductor, broadcast and other specialized industrial products. Canon supports programs that help preserve and protect the environment. The company instituted the Clean Earth Campaign in 1990, which assists various environmental and recycling initiatives. The Campaign has also supported leading environmental organizations, such as World Wildlife Fund - Canada and the Canon Envirothon.
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Posted Aug. 27/09.