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Nightingale selected by preventative care clinics

MARKHAM, Ont. – Nightingale Informatix Corp., a provider of electronic medical record (EMR) software with more than 5.3 million patient records under management, announced that it has been selected to provide hosted EMR services to preventative care leader, Wellpath Clinic. The EMR will be used across the entire network of Wellpath Clinic locations supporting the delivery of modern, personalized and consistent patient care at every visit.

Nightingale On Demand EMR will be deployed as the core system by Wellpath Clinic as they put together one of North America’s most advanced models for the delivery of Naturopathic Medicine and preventative care. The EMR will be used at the point of care by all of the clinic’s doctors in an effort to enhance care and ensure a consistent patient experience, a cornerstone of successful preventative care plans.

“There is no question that electronic medical records represent a critical step forward in the delivery of modern healthcare. But not all EMRs are the same,” said Dr. Kathryn Nobrega-Porter. “Nightingale offers us a robust system that allows doctors to deliver better, faster and more complete support and care to patients”.

More attention is being paid to preventative care models as healthcare costs grow and as patients take greater interest in their own health. Wellpath Clinic has a unique delivery model that differentiates it from other naturopathic clinics. It offers a structured approach to care that begins on first contact with the patient and continues through ongoing care. They offer a comprehensive set of programs that provide a framework for diagnosis and patient care plans. Patients will be able to visit any Wellpath Clinic and experience a seamless continuity in the delivery of care and support.

“Nightingale is a forward thinking organization that clearly recognizes that healthcare is all about managing ongoing relationships with patients,” said Richard Porter, General Manager of Wellpath Clinic. “The use of technology to hold historic data and to support real-time decisions has proven critical to the success in so many other industries and it is time for healthcare to get on board. And web-based access provides flexibility and efficiencies that makes a clinic much more effective.”

Nightingale On Demand will be an integral part of the Wellpath Clinic framework. It will provide the doctors and staff with tools at the point of care and it will maintain patient health information aligned with Wellpath Clinics proprietary programs.

Doctors will have secure access to patient medical records through a fully web based delivery model. This means that every clinic will have access to the same set of tools and patient records every time the patient visits or calls a Wellpath Clinic location. This is important to ensuring the consistency of experience and care.

“From the moment you walk in the door of a Wellpath Clinic it is clear that they have a new approach to health and to care,” said Sam Chebib, President and CEO of Nightingale. “We look forward to working in partnership with them to develop a new model in the delivery of preventative care.”

Nightingale’s EMR solution, Nightingale On Demand is a full featured EMR and practice management system that automates clinical activities such as documenting patient care, prescription writing, lab orders and results, as well as the scheduling and billing of patient visits.

About Wellpath Clinic
Wellpath Clinic offers a new approach to health care. Their mission is to inspire and empower individuals to improve the quality of their lives. An organic approach focuses on understanding and treating each patient’s whole health, rather than simply symptoms. Using current science-based Natural Medicine they provide safe and effective therapies to help achieve excellence in whole patient sustainable wellness. At the core of each wellness program is the patient. Their commitment is to take time to understand the individual and to formulate a health-enhancing personalized approach to overall wellness. Wellpath Clinics’ goal is to guide patients to be their healthiest selves and to help improve the quality of their lives.

About Nightingale Informatix Corporation
Nightingale is one of the fastest growing healthcare service and software companies in North America, with over 5.3 million patient records under management in a hosted (ASP) environment. It is recognized as an industry leader in Web-based clinician and community-based electronic medical records (EMR), serving the needs of small primary care practices, multi-physician outpatient clinics, and large scale regional health organizations and networks. Coupled with integrated practice management, transcription and revenue cycle management, Nightingale’s comprehensive service offering allows customers to enhance patient care, increase revenue opportunities and optimize operations. Nightingale is continuously innovating and enhancing its services to meet the needs of its growing and diverse customer base. Nightingale – Healthcare connected.

Posted Aug. 27/09.